Monday, February 29, 2016

Silicone Made Even Better!

Over the past year or so I have been able to review a lot of wonderful (and a few not so wonderful) silicone baking and cooking pieces. It's amazing what they can do with that stuff and how versatile it is. But the one major complaint I have, especially with silicone ice cube trays, is how they are a little too flexible.

Practico Kitchen has come to my rescue, and I for one am very happy about it! They have made the Superb Cube 1.4 Inch Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray with EZ-Release & No-Spill Steel Reinforced Rim. All I want to say is YAY!!

This ice cube tray is fantastic! It has all the benefits of silicone with the flexibility and ease of removing the cubes, but it also has the stability and does not wiggle around all over the place as you try to go from the faucet to the freezer with it and then try to find a stable place to put it so it does not bend or warp or spill.

I really like the size of this ice cube tray. There are 9 cubes in it and each of the cubes are 1.4", which is a good size to fit in pretty much every glass we own. The cubes last for a good amount of time without watering down your beverage.

The ice cube tray is safe for not just the freezer too. Like almost all silicone, this one can go in the oven up to 428°. The size of the compartments are a little small for most baking, but they would work great to make little petite fours for special occasions and they are a great size for dog treats!

The best thing about this ice cube tray is the steel reinforcement in the top edge. It really makes all the difference in good silicone to amazing silicone! You can hold the tray securely knowing it is not going to bend or shift or wiggle around. I hope Practico Kitchen makes a lot more pieces to their collection!

You can purchase a Practico Kitchen Superb Cube 1.4 Inch Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray with EZ-Release & No-Spill Steel Reinforced Rim HERE!

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