Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Lot Can Fit Into One Small Bag

How often do you think about a first aid kit? Probably not that much, but it is something we all need and think about it a lot when we really need it.

Protect Life has a small, yet amazingly filled First Aid Kit that would be perfect for pretty much any situation. What I really like about this kit is how small it is. The bag is only 7½" x 5" x 2" and weighs a mere 15.2 ounces. It's small, but holds a lot!

So what is in this small emergency first aid kit:
Antiseptic cleansing wipes (6 pcs)
Alcohol prep pad (10 pcs)
Butterfly closure strips (10 pcs)
Extra large adhesive bandage (4 pcs)
Adhesive bandage (25 pcs)
Knuckle adhesive bandage (4 pcs)
Fingertip adhesive bandage (8 pcs)
Gauze swab (3 pcs)
1 Disposable cold compress
First aid tape (1 roll)
Cotton tip applicator (20 pcs)
1 Abdominal pad, Disposable vinyl gloves (1 pair)
1 Slim rescue howler whistle
1 Button Compass Liquid filled
1 Moleskin blister relief
1 Triangular bandage
1 Emergency blanket
1 Glow stick
1 Disposable raincoat
1 Scissors
PBT conforming bandage 5 x 3.6 cm (1 roll)
1 CPR face mask
1 Metal tweezers
Eye pad (2 pcs)
Elbow/knee bandage (2 pcs)
Safety pins (4 pcs)
Sting relief pads (2 pcs)

That's a lot of stuff in one small first aid kit. There is enough to handle a camping or hiking trip, to keep around the house, in the office, in your vehicle, and more. It's small enough to not take up a lot of room in you vehicle, a desk drawer or your backpack. Some of the things in it I had not thought of having in a first aid kit, like a glow stick, but now it makes sense to me seeing it in one.

The material the bag is made of is a durable canvas, although it is not waterproof. I will probably stick it in a ziplock bag to protect it from the elements. There are 4 pockets, three of which are see through so you can find what you need quickly. There is a double zipper on the bag and two small handles for carrying. Actually with everything that is in it, you would think there is no more room for anything else, but there is. I plan on putting in a small flashlight, matches, and some pain reliever when we go places. I love that the bag has the extra room for a few more things to personalize it for your specific needs.

This is a very good first aid kit and it has everything you really need in an emergency until you can get to some place for help.It's a good investment to make!

You can purchase the Protect Life First Aid Kit HERE!

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