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Safer Socket Giveaway

Safer Socket Giveaway
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Safe Socket Giveaway

3- Lucky Winners
Wins a Package of 4 Safer Sockets Each 

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is pleased to bring you such a important a safety awareness giveaway item this Holiday Season. I know first hand how important it is to make sure your families safety comes first. Five years ago I mistakenly overloaded a electrical socket at my home during the holidays and it caught on fire, thankfully I was at home to catch it in time.

With the Safer Socket you have prevention 24 hours a day that helps prevent such a tragedy for occurring in your household. I am pleased to work with Safer Socket to provide 3 winners a set of 4 of these amazing items to help you prevent such a tragedy occurring in your household this  Holiday Season and all year long. What a great way to protect your family.

What Is Safer Socket?


A fire prevention device that protects your home and loved ones from the hidden dangers of an electrical fire that is started from overheated sockets and plugs.
HOW IT WORKS - Safer Socket continually monitors the temperature of the outlet and plugs of the appliances that are plugged into it. If potential fire-causing temperatures are detected, Safer Socket automatically shuts off the plugged-in appliances.

Safer Socket couldn't be easier or more convenient. No wiring is necessary so anyone can install it. Safer Socket plugs directly into your outlet and converts it to a state-of-the-art outlet that continually monitors the temperature of the outlet. Should the outlet get dangerously hot, Safer Socket automatically turns off preventing a melted outlet or an electrical fire.
Safer Socket features status lights. When it is plugged into your existing wall outlet, the green light illuminates indicating the unit is working. Should the outlet reach unsafe temperatures, it automatically shuts off and the red light illuminates. The red light will stay on until the unit is unplugged.

In 2011, there were 47,700 home electrical fires in the United States resulting in over:
  • 400 deaths
  • 1500 injuries
  • $1.4 billion in direct property damage1
Result in greater dollar loss per fire than nonelectrical fires
In 79% fire spreads beyond the object where the fire starts

Watch How Safer Socket Works!

Visit Safer Socket Today To learn More about this amazing product!

Also Visit Twin Star International's Website for More Amazing Products 

A Big Thank You To Our Sponsor
Safer Socket

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Holiday Contest and Sweeps and The Minister's Wife Stamps and Saves did not receive any form of compensation for this giveaway and the sponsor Safer Socket will be responsible for awarding and shipping the prizes directly to the winners.

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Friday, November 21, 2014


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A special thanks to all the bloggers helping to promote this giveaway! offers something unique for your little one.
One is a big red shiny envelope with a certificate saying they made the nice list, among other things. Check out my review HERE.
They also offer a postcard that will remind your little one of up to 5 things they need to work on before he comes to visit. Just a little incentive. Look at my review HERE.

We believe your little one will enjoy these so there will be 2 winners. The first one gets the shiny red envelope, the second will get the postcard. These can be sent to anyone in the USA or Canada! The postcard even has some options to give this to the man in your life. For your little kids or your big ones!

Two winners will receive the gifts mention above from the sponsor.

This giveaway begins on 11/22 12:00 am and ends on 12/5 at 11:59pm (times are Eastern) and is open to Continental US residents ages 18+. Winners are subject to eligibility verification and will have 48 hours to confirm before a new winner will be drawn. For any questions/concerns please EMAIL las930 at Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Rafflecoptor Tools. None of the blogs promoting this giveaway are responsible for prize delivery. GOOD LUCK!

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Movie Time Family and Action DVD Movie Package Giveaway

Movie Time Family and Action
DVD Movie Package Giveaway

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Holiday Contest and Sweep is pleased to work with Mill Creek Entertainment again to bring two great 100 Movie DVD Packages. Each provides 20 DVDs each with 100 Movies each.

100 Family Films 20 DVDs

Treat your family to this incredible collection of movies that the entire family will enjoy!
From beloved tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and The Little Princess to Oscar®-nominated classics including Royal Wedding and Second Chorus, this massive assortment of entertainment offers something for everyone to enjoy and cherish!

What a wonderful Christmas gift this would make for any family on your list this year.

20 DVDs - 136 hours – 22 minutes

Hours of exciting adventure await you in this amazing collection of action-packed movies!
From the days of mythological heroes to gun slinging cowboys to modern military combatants, you’ll be on the edge of your seat watching these 100 tales of excitement and daring!
20 DVDs - 137 hours – 26 minutes

A Big Thank You To Our Sponsor
Mill Creek Entertainment

 This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated  Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Networking Sites. This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to end. This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST)12/12.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps and The Minister's Wife Stamps and Saves did not receive any form of compensation for this giveaway. Mill Creek Entertainment will be responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prize directly to the winner.

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A Mission Belt Would Be A Perfect Gift For Any Of The Men In Your Life

Product was provided for this post as part of an opportunity with The Brand Connection. 

My husband is really behind me when it comes to testing products and letting all of you know about them. There are times though, he is even more in support of this endeavor of mine. This is one of those times.

The Mission Belt Co. sent us a wonderful belt for him to try out and I have to say from my perspective it is wonderful. They sent Rick the Vadar 40 Belt in black. I let him describe the belt to you in his own words. He's quite methodical. Here's what he had to say:
This belt, which was provided for the purposes of testing and review, is a quality item in all respects. The leather is thick enough to avoid curling without being too heavy for comfort. The clever adjustment system, which works something like a simple plastic zip tie, is easy to tighten and loosen. The locking tabs are numerous and allow more positions than a standard buckle-and-holes belt, resulting in a more precise fit. This system is completely hidden on the inner side of the belt, and the absence of holes means that the belt will not eventually show worn holes after repeated use. This last feature is valuable, since one's favorite belt often becomes the belt one uses most, and the belt which wears down fastest. Not so here; and the quality look, the comfortable feel, the sturdy construction, and the ease of use will probably make this the favorite belt in your collection.
The release lever on the bottom side of the buckle.

He loves the belt and I often hear him telling people about it. He explains how the belt works so easily, like a zip-tie with a simple release lever that makes adjusting the belt simple, yet it remains
secure where you set it. I think the one thing he loves the most is the increased number of size options per belt and no holes that will wear out. It looks very neat and professional, you can feel the quality when you hold it in your hand and get that wonderful leather smell.

I also love that with every belt sold $1 goes to help world hunger. That's why the name of the company is "Mission". Their mission is to help those in need around the world. You can read up on their "Mission" right here on the website. You look good in the belt and feel good knowing you are helping others! Win win for sure!

You can purchase any of the vast number of styles and designs of Mission Belts, HERE! There is something for each and every guy in your life.

Connect with the Mission Belt Co. on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, and Instagram.

Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Ornament Giveaway

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything about Christmas. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, trimming the tree, family, friends and just the wonderful atmosphere it has.

Every year I try to make a special ornament and buy one or two that are special. Some of our favorite ornaments over the years have come from Hallmark! We have quite a few now and it's hard to pick just one that is THE favorite.

One of my favorite things to do before each Christmas is to find out the new ornaments released by Hallmark and perusing the Dreambook! This year was no exception!! There are so many wonderful ornaments to look at and so many would look wonderful in my home and on my trees! (Yep I usually put up several.)

Here is an ornament that Hallmark generously sent me to try out. I was thrilled to get it and can't wait to hang it on my tree! in fact my whole tree will be of Noah's Arks this year, and many of them are from Hallmark.

I have a thing about Noah's Ark. It is one of my favorite lessons from the Bible and I have been collecting them for years now. Every time I see one it reminds me of how much God loves us and all of His creation! My boys have fond memories of us reading the story from the Bible and helping me hang ornaments on the tree year after year. This little ornament will be an awesome addition to my collection of Noah's Ark ornaments.

There are lots of other ornaments that I really like this year and I wanted to share just a couple more of them with you.

Birch Log Snowman ~ This may sound crazy, but I love snow! My family thinks I'm kind of loopy when it comes to winter, but I like getting snowed in. As a child I have vivid memories of building snowman after snowman and getting cold playing in the snow. We lived in the country and so much of what we had in our home was from our farm and that included birch log decoration. This little guy captures some very special memories of helping my Mom make decorations for our home for the holidays!

The Grinch In Disguise ~ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is my husband's favorite secular Christmas story! He loves reading that story and has every year with our kids. Even now we have to watch the DVD of it each Christmas Eve without fail. He has Grinch t-shirts, several stuffed images and even a fun mug that he keeps out all year long. When I saw this ornament in the Dreambook I knew it would be one I'd have to pick up!

Those are only three of the ornaments I found that would be special to my family. Believe me there are a lot more!! You can pick up your own copy of the 2014 Dreambook at your local Hallmark store or you can click HERE to view it online.

And Hallmark is having an awesome sweepstakes now where you can win a weekly prize or a $3000 family vacation. Just enter at #KeepsakeIt for your chance to win!!

Thanks to Hallmark, one of you, my awesome readers, will be able to win your own Hallmark ornament. They will be selecting one to send just to you!

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!! Thanks Hallmark!!

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I received a product for the purpose of review only. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own.

Kid'Sleep Moon Sweepstakes

Kid'Sleep Moon Giveaway

The Kid’Sleep Moon is part of a line of sleep training and time teaching/time organization products invented by a father of 6! The Kid’Sleep Moon has many benefits, as a sleep trainer and night light for young children and an alarm clock for older children. It helps young children have an understanding of when it is time to get out of bed and when it is not. It is a great tool for nighttime self regulation, and the result is that both parents and children get more sleep.

The Kid’Sleep Moon helps kids stay in bed until it is time to get up. If the sleeping animal is lit, kids know to stay in bed. When the awake animal is illuminated, it is okay to get out of bed and start the day. Kids naturally relate to the sleeping or awake animal. Color recognition is not required.

classens kids review 2

The Kid’Sleep Moon has 3 settings for nighttime, nap and weekend, 4 choices of alarm sounds (or the choice of no alarm), and 4 levels of brightness to choose from. The Kid’Sleep Moon helps children fall asleep with 4 different choices of lullabies. The Kid’Sleep Moon also offers the Smart Sunset “Go To Sleep” function and the Smart Moonset “Wake-Up Process”, which gives kids a 10 minute warning for sleep time and get up time! The Kid’Sleep Moon has a new menu for very easy setting!

You can read one mom's experience with it HERE! I think it is a fun idea to help bedtime go a lot smoother! But it is super easy to use and adorable. I was impressed with it and can't wait to share it with a new mom friend of mine for Christmas!

Here's a short video of how it works.

You can purchase your own Kid'Sleep Moon HERE!!

Two winners will receive a Kid'Sleep Moon.

Giveaway ends December 3rd at 11:59pm, open to US residents, ages 18+. Only one entrant per household, per address. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Enter using the giveaway form below. Good luck!

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Kroger Freebie Friday ~ ONE FREE Herdez Cooking Sauces

For today's Kroger Freebie Friday you can download a digital coupon to your Kroger or affiliate card for ONE FREE Herdez 12oz Cooking Sauces. Remember you can only download this today.

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