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The Saga Of The Mashed Potatoes Spoon

It was missing! No matter where I looked I could not find it. Box after box, drawer after drawer, it was not there! My heart sank. How could I have lost something like that? How could I have lost my Grandmother's silver serving spoon, the one we always used for mashed potatoes? How would I tell my Mom?

We had moved into our new home after a long and tiring packing of our old house. I had just about had enough of boxes, lifting them, packing paper, and bubble wrap. There is only so much a woman can handle in a few short weeks before she needs a break, and I was there. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to do, make a really nice supper for the whole family, oh and me.

I got out the meat. I got out the vegetables. I even got the potatoes ready to peel and began the fun process of trying to find just the right pots, pans and bowl I would need. So far so good. Finding the large post was easy. That boxed had been marked clearly. Finding the bowls, plates, even the silverware was easy too. That box was clearly marked. So I started making this fine meal I had planned in my head. I was even going to clear off all the partially emptied boxes and debris from the table so we could all eat together.

Everything was going well until I thought about that special spoon. The silver one we ALWAYS used for mashed potatoes. Surely it was in with the rest of the silverware.


One of the other kitchen boxes?


Then it hit me. I'd lost the spoon! Not just any spoon, a special family pass-it-down-comfort-giving spoon! It was a symbol of all is well in our home and back to normal. It was what everyone recognized from the time they were very little and on. I could tell any one of my guys to get out the mashed potatoes spoon and he knew exactly which spoon it was, the same as my brothers, and my Dad, even my Grandpa!

You're probably thinking "It's JUST a spoon!" And you would be correct. It is just a spoon. We could easily use any other serving spoon we own and the meal would taste the same and be just as nice in our new home.

But you would also be wrong. It's not JUST a spoon. It's a legacy. It's a family tradition. It's a holder of memories, special memories. It was there in our first house with our first meal together 30 years ago in 1984. It as there the day I graduated from high school in 1977. It was there for my Mom's and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary party in 1971. It was there when my Grandmother and Grandfather got married as a wedding present in 1924. It's a spoon full of very special memories of very special people and events!

Days, weeks and then months went by. Every now and then I would think about the spoon. As my husband and I slowly sorted through many years of our life and emptied box after box and decluttered our home I kept hoping that I would discover that spoon siting in some random box as an after though when it had been packed.

I even went to the point of asking several people who could look in our old house and at the church we had left on the chance that the spoon might have fallen out of something or absently been left in the church after a carry-in dinner. They didn't find it.

And then I got the chance, just a random opportunity. Hadn't planned on it, but I got to go see my old house. It was in the middle of being remodeled. It looked so different. Carpeting had been torn out. I knew there had been nice wooden floors under there! Plasterboard had been removed from the ceiling to do some repairs. It looked so different.

When I entered the kitchen, I just had to. I had to take a look in the old cupboards and drawers just in case. Maybe that spoon had fallen out of something or behind something.

Every drawer came out to peek behind. As I pulled out the very last drawer the friend of mine who was with me said she saw something. So did I. It was a small box of zipper plastic bags. I reached far back in the cubbyhole and pulled out the box and loose bags and as I did, there was something metal there.

Oh, just a small everyday teaspoon.

Then I saw something dark and I thought metal, but I wasn't sure. I stretched my arm back as far as I could in the cubbyhole. Whatever it was had reached the farthest point back as anything could go without disappearing into the wall.

My spoon! My Mom's spoon. My Grandma's spoon. Dirty, dusty, and extremely tarnished from over a year of neglect, but there it was and then quickly in my hand! I was thrilled. My friend was thrilled. She knew how important that spoon was to me.

When I got home I could hardly wait till I told my husband. He was not near as thrilled as I had been. I really didn't expect him to be. He didn't need to be, I was excited enough for both of us. But the spoon was home in our new home for all the new memories it would hold.

We'll keep using that spoon for mashed potatoes. I never had girls, so I don't have someone directly to pass it along to. I am hoping for some daughters-in-law someday and one of then will receive this memorable spoon. I'll share with her the memories, the stories, and how special it is in hopes that the memories will continue on for many, many more years.

It's just a spoon.

And then it's not!

© Lois A. Jones 2014. All Right Reserved.

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The Orblue Propress Stainless Steel Garlic Press Makes A Smelly Job So Much Easier!

I love to cook and one ingredient I love to cook with is garlic. It just adds so much wonderful flavor to a large variety of foods. But if you are like me, you don't like going around all day with your hands smelling like garlic after mincing up some. Even using stainless steel soap to help eliminate the odor, a little of it still hangs around.

Orblue has a fantastic product to help you touch garlic a lot less, thus keeping that distinctive odor off you as much as possible, the Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press.

By far this is not your average garlic press. I have had too many to count over the last 30 years and most of them did not last for a long enough time to suit me. So many of them are made with cheap metal, are painted (which can flake off with repeated use and washing), and many times the hinge holding the two pieces breaks or the pin falls out. Such a waste of time and money with products like that!

Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press is not like any other garlic press I have tried (and I have bought a few expensive ones. UGH!). The stainless steel is high quality and thick. When you open up the box you can feel how much more substantial this garlic press is to any other. It has weight to it and , well umph!

It does not have two pieces like most presses do. There are three. There is an inner basket that swings out to make it a lot easier to get the minced pieces off and to clean it. I can't begin to tell you what a difference that makes!

When you mince your garlic there are two ways you ca do it, peeled or unpeeled. Both work just as well, but when it comes down to it, not having to peel is not only more likely to keep your hands from smelling like garlic, but also saves you time. Not peeling is one less step you have to take in getting a good meal on the table. I don't know anyone who would not enjoy more time, even if it is just a little!

Using the press take very little effort. The press itself is sturdy and hefty enough to do the work for you without have to squeeze the handles hard. Plus the handles themselves are good sized making it easy to grasp. Even someone who has arthritis in their hands would be able to use this press.

What I love about having a substantial garlic press like this is being able to mince a lot of garlic at one time. I love to grow my own and when you have a lot of garlic clove bulbs, it's easy for them to start drying up and become nothing more than an empty, useless husk. I will mince up quite a few of the clove heads and then dehydrate them for later.

There are lots of ways to dehydrate your garlic. You can microwave it on a low setting. This is not the optimal way though. It tends to dry too quickly loosing a lot of the essential oil that gives the garlic it's wonderful flavor.

You can dry it slowly in the oven or a dehydrator. I have done both of these, and they work, but sometimes they still seem to dry up too much loosing that flavor I love.

My favorite way to dehydrate garlic is to air dry it on parchment paper of paper towels. it takes longer, but the flavor seems to be more full and intense. It's something you have to get used to though, since the room you are drying it in will smell a little too much for a few days. The odor does not linger too long though and it is well worth the time and your money!

Freshly minced and dehydrated minced garlic.

If you have never grown your own garlic, I highly recommend you do. You plant it in the fall (late October, early November) to get the best crop the next year. Once you start planting your own, each year you can use one of the garlic clove bulbs to replant for next year's crop!

Having the Orblue Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press is something I am exceptionally happy about. I'll be using it on my home grown garlic for many years!

You can purchase your own Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press HERE! Is is on sale for 70% off!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hill's Ideal Balance Dog Food Was Very Welcome At Our House!

One thing that is important to me is feeding my dogs food that is not only good for them, but they like too. With two dogs at extreme ends of the spectrum (one weighing 120+ lbs and the other a mere 10 lbs), it's hard to find food that both of them will eat. That's an important thing to me, since it is even harder to keep one from the other's food. If you have dogs, you know what I mean, the jealousy factor or the food tastes better in your bowl than mine thing kicks in!

I was sent this really nice sampling of Hill's Ideal Balance dog food to try out and a nice retractable leash. Believe me, it was not a problem getting some volunteers to help!

Hill's Ideal Balance has a food that meets all my needs and those of my dogs. Bender, our Newfie, loves the taste of the food and can scarf down his portion with no problem. Scruffy, our little Chorkie, doesn't like to eat food that has very big pieces. It's too hard for him to chew. The Ideal Balance is just the right size for his little mouth and he likes the flavor too! The flavor they tried out (and did not smell bad like some dog food) was Grain Free Natural Chicken and Potato.

Little Scruffy is especially fond of the treat sample we got. It's a blend of Duck & Pumpkin and is soft-baked. Because it is soft-baked and the treats are small he is able to handle it and enjoy them. Bender, again, can scarf it down with no problem, but does really like the treats too! He'll do some of his best tricks for them!

The Salmon Recipe Wet Food was a super extra for the guys! We don't normally give our dogs wet food, but this was a fun meal for them, well partial meal for Bender. LOL!! I was surprised at how fast they ate it and kept licking off the plate the food was on. They have snatched a few bowls of the cat's wet food and eaten that fast, but this had to be a record even for them.

The best part of the food was knowing that the ingredients were all things that would be great for them! There's something nice in knowing I am feeding them food that will help keep them healthy and active for many more years to come.

Check out more about Hill's Ideal Balance HERE! They even make a fantastic food for cats too! (Poor Elliot missed out this time!)
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I received samples from Hil''s Ideal Balance for the purpose of this review through Crowtap. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are my own.