Monday, July 18, 2016

You've Gotta Love A Good Set Of Pants Hangers

As a committed organize-aholic, I am always looking for ways to do things easier, faster, and neater. So having good tools around the house to do my job is important. That includes taking care of laundry, which is not a fun thing for any of us.

One of my pet peeves about laundry is the pain it is to hang up pants. With clip hangers not always holding pants very well and taking up a lot of room, or having to fold pants over the bar at the bottom, feeding them through and not messing them up, well I don't like it. I want something with a lot more ease.

The set of 20 Pants Hangers from B&C Home Goods are here to my rescue (and yours). These pants hangers are really, nice. Each hanger is made from a strong metal that will hold up over time. They won't give from the weight of heavy items hung on them. The bar across the bottom is coated with a rubber substance that keeps pants and even silky scarves in place. Things do not budge when hung on these hangers. To say the least I have been impressed.

The best part is that one side of the hangers is open so you can slide pants, skirts, and more on with ease. You don't have to mess with feeding things through the opening of a hanger or with clips that don't hold things well.

The top of the hanger fits over all sizes of rods and with the metal closet organizational systems easily. They even work with the special hangers to hold multiple items to save space in your closet too. The tip is even coated so you don't poke yourself with it. We love these and so far the worst thing about them is who gets to use them, me or my husband!

You can purchase the B&C Home Goods Pants Hangers HERE!

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