Monday, April 29, 2019

Looking For A Professional Grooming Kit?

Every once in a while you find a product that meets your needs and exceeds what you expected. This is one of those products.

The Timni Manicure Pedicure Set was something that really amazed me. This is a product that has everything you need to take care of your fingernails, toenails, and for facial care!

The set comes in a padded, decorative clutch that protects everything inside and keeps each piece in place and easy to find. There are 16 implements that meet specific needs you may have and work well.

Here is what comes in the kit:

5 piece hand care:
Nail Clipper
Diagonal pliers
Finger Nail File
Singles-edged Double-sided Push Stick
V-shaped Push

5 piece facial care:
Eyebrow Tweezers
Eyebrow Scissors
Blackhead & Acne Needle
Ear Pick
Acne Needle

6 piece foot care:
Larger Nail Clipper
Peeling Knife
Straight Pedicure Knife
Diagonal Pedicure Knife
Scraping Knife
Toenail Nipper

I will admit that some of these pieces I had never been aware of, so was interested in learning about them and how to use them. Pretty much anything you need to do for your hands, feet, and a lot for your face you can do with this set.

Each piece is made from stainless steel and will last for a very long time. They can be washed and sanitized to be used over and over without taking away from the quality and the whole family can use them.

I know this is an excellent product and does not cost a fortune. I highly recommend it to you.

You can purchase your own Timni Manicure Pedicure Set HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Do You Suffer From Aches and Pains?

Any of you suffer from aches and pains? I know, it's silly to ask, because almost everyone suffers from aches and pains at some point in their life. Some of us suffer with them almost daily. Others suffer daily. So finding something that helps is a very good thing.

Geniani has a fantastic help for you, the Super King Size, XXL Heating Pad. let me tell you, this is a fantastic heating pad and I am thrilled to let you know about it.

The pad itself is 18" x 26", which for most people, covers the majority of your back. It's also very flexible and will curve around your body, not missing a spot like some stiff and small heating pads. To give you an idea of just how big it is, I placed a CD case on it for comparison. It's big!

The cover is made of a super soft microplush fiber that really is very soft and comfy on your skin. It feels very nice and does not slide around while you are using it. Both sides are soft and comfortable.

The control is easy to operate. A large on/off button adjusts it from low, medium, or high. We found that even on high, the heat it generates is not so hot that it would burn you. I remember one from my childhood that could get too hot and would hurt. I also appreciate that there is an auto shut off to the control too. if you fall asleep using it, it will shut off without you having to do anything. That's a fantastic safety feature!

The heating pad can be used for dry or moist heat. It comes with complete instructions so you can use it in the way that helps your pain or injury the best. But it's as easy as misting the pad with water, not soaking it.

I really like this heating pad and I know our family will be using it for a long time to come. Plus, compared to ones that are in the stores, the price is really good!

You can purchase your own Geniani Super King Size, XXL Heating Pad HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Looking For A Special Gift For You Little Ones?

I love shopping for the little people in my life. it's something that I take very seriously and always look for extra special and unique gifts. The same old things just don't work for me.

So I was excite to learn about this sweet toy for babies and toddlers. It's the kind of rattle that can grow with your little one. It's from Pebble and he is the Rainbow Multi Bunny Rattle.

The rattle is made from 100% cotton on the outside and is machine washable. That is a fantastic plus for this toy! It has just enough "rattle" to it to not be annoying and to still entertain your child. It is soft and cuddly and somewhat posable. He's 12" long with his ears down and is small enough around that even tiny little hands can grasp ahold easily.

I was thrilled to learn where and how the products from Pebble were made. Here's a little from them about their lovely toys:

"All Pebble products are made in Bangladesh by the extremely talented and capable artisans at Hathay Bunano ps. We love their workmanship and we love rural Bangladesh. Pebble toys are our small contribution to supporting families in rural Bangladesh, to removing the need for economic migration to the cities and to providing women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes."

I love that they are doing so much to help people who really need it and to ensure that families can stay together and work together. 


The sweet bunny is not the only rattle Pebble carries. They have all kinds of toys and rattles as well as blankets and cute decorations. 

I love this little bunny and can not wait to give it to one of my favorite adopted grands. I know she will love it!

You can purchase your own Pebble Rainbow Multi Bunny Rattle HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Get 300 bonus SB when you sign up for Swagbucks in April

Spring is here, and there's no better time to start earning free gift cards through Swagbucks! All throughout April you can earn large bonuses when sign up as my referral on Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you're probably doing online already, like searching the web, watching videos, shopping, discovering deals, and taking surveys. Then you take those points and exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, or PayPal cash.

When you sign up through me this month, you can earn a 300 SB bonus! Here's how:

2. Earn 300 SB total before May 1st, 2019. You'll get a 300 SB bonus for it!

3. That's it. It's super easy, and Swagbucks is for real. I use it myself, and I've earned well over $100 in just the first two months this year and I wasn't trying hard. I use the money to pay for the extras in our life and Christmas each year. It really helps!

I received this information as a part of Swagbucks Influencers.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Need Something To Keep Your Head Comfy and Warm?

This winter has been brutal for us in Northern Indiana, and I know it has been tough in many other parts of the country too. It's been hard to keep warm every day, but we got something that has helped some!

This is the CacheAlaska Slouchy Beanie! We love this thing!!

The beanie is made from acrylic knit and is super soft next to your skin. Since it is acrylic, it is easy to care for, just toss it in the washer on cold and tumble dry. I love easy care products!

Since it is not wool, it also won't shrink. We've had wool beanies and caps before, and the first time they got really wet (not from washing), they shrank some. Ugh!! This one won't do that. It has great give and will fit any adult comfortably. I personally, like that it is large enough and has enough give to it that I can stuff all three feet of my hair up inside it. Not many hats like this can hold all my hair and keep it there.

This is one stylish hat too! As soon as my son saw it, he claimed it and has not given it back. He loves that you can fold up the bottom to make a brim, or to wear it slouchy for comfort and because it looks good that way.

Unlike CacheAlaska's Beanie Caps, this on does not have a fleece lining in it, which means that there is much more give in this hat than the others. It comes in two colors too, grey and black.

If you are looking for a good slocuhy beanie, this is the one to get!
You can purchase your own CacheAlaska Slouchy Beanie HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Looking For An Attractive Way To Dispense Liquid Soap?

I'll admit, I love decorating my house in a country style. To be more exact, colonial would better describe what I love. So I am always on the lookout for things that will fit in my home and not looks so modern.

The O-KIS Glass Soap Dispenser is perfect for my house. It has a simple rustic look to it, imitating a Ball pint canning jar. It's the perfect size for many things from soap to lotion.

The 16 ounce glass jar comes with everything unassembled and very clear and easy to understand directions to assemble it. It took less than a minute to put it together and be ready to use.

I love that it comes with an FDA approved silicone washer to insert in the lid. I have had several other soap dispensers and they did not come with the washer. It really makes a big difference in keeping the soap in the jar where it belongs and from leaking.

The lid is made from stainless steel, which is a really good thing. It will last for  a long time and never rust, unlike my old soap dispenser. The opening in the top is smack, dab in the middle, which helps when using the pump. Since it is centered, the jar doesn't move around as you use the pump.

The pump itself moves freely, yet has a good spring to it. Just the right amount of liquid comes out with each pump and so far it has not clogged up or even come close to clogging.

The jar I got is blue, but the company also offers them in purple and green, so you can choose different colors for different rooms or lotions and soaps. They would work great in the kitchen, bathroom, or your bedroom.

One of these O-KIS Glass Soap Dispenser would work in many homes and add a nice decorative touch to many rooms.

The first jar I ordered arrived broken, but the company very quickly replaced it and the new jar arrived in just 2 days! Excellent service!!

You can purchase the O-KIS Glass Soap Dispenser at a very good price HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Need To Magnify and Illuminate Your Work?

As a crafter, I am always looking for things that help me work more efficiently and that help me do the best I can creating things. Also, as the wife of someone who has limited vision, I am always looking for things that will help my husband see better and more clearly. So when I got the LED Magnifying Lamp by OKOA, I was excited. It is something both of us will use!

The lamp is 21" tall, including the lamp head, and has a flexible gooseneck. It can bend in any direction up or down, side to side, to get the lamp head in just the right position for what you need to see.

I love the clamp base. The light can sit on any flat surface just fine by itself in the weighted base, but you can take it out of the base to have it clamped to the edge of almost any surface. The clamp holds the lamp securely where you put it. My desk has a 1" thick top and the clamp worked really well on it.

Another cool thing about the base of the lamp is a slot to hold your cell phone. You can put your phone on the base and see directions online to do something while actually following along. Very handy!

I was impressed with how well the magnification works. It really does make it easy to see things clearly, and with the lens being as big as it is, you don't have to move what you are working on around to be in just the right place as much.

The lamp comes with a USB cable that you can plug right into your computer or into an adapter to charge in an outlet. The cable is nice and long, so you can adjust it a lot better than some cables that come with electronics. I haven't figured out how long the light stays charged yet, but so far, quite a while!

The light has three levels of brightness, so you can adjust to it your need and your light sensitivity. It's also a pure white light, which helps keep down eye strain. When you are working on a project close up like that. Eye strain can be a serious problem. Having a pure white light makes a big difference. To adjust the light it just takes a small tap on the "switch".

I am super pleased to have this lamp and I know both my husband and I will be using it a lot. We highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase you own LED Magnifying lamp by OKOA HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.