Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Super Cute Addition To Your Beverage Service

First and foremost, I want to remind you I do not drink alcohol. It's a personal decision and I stick very closely to it. That being said, I get to tell you about this nifty product I got to try out.

What did I get to use, this really cute American Golden Oak Wood Barrel with a Stand, Spigot & Bung from Golden Oak Barrel!

The little barrel is made from oak and looks just like a large, full size barrel would look, yet it only holds 1 liter of liquid. It is really well made, although a little rough here and there, but that is how you would expect a larger barrel to be. It has the metal straps that look really nice and the fitted top and bottom, exactly like a large barrel would have. When I saw the pictures on line, I thought it was going to be a little larger, but it is quite small and really cute. Plus I had a specific thing in mind with it. You see, I have an ancestor who was a cooper, so barrels are in my blood!

The barrel comes with a great stand to hold it secure for use or display. The curve of the stand is just right and it does not take up any more space than the barrel by itself would. It also comes with a spigot so you can fill it with you favorite liquid to serve from. There is a bung as well in the side of the barrel you can pull out to fill it. I suggest using a funnel to do this. The bung fits nice and snug to prevent leaks even when the barrel stands up.

There is one thing you need to know before filling the barrel with any kind of liquid. You need to cure the barrel first. Since the barrel is wood this is a must. Wood expands and contracts a lot, so curing is a must. I think some people cure differently, but you can just added very hot water and let it sit for 2 days. If you plan on putting alcohol in this and you don't cure it the wood, the barrel will absorb your alcohol or other beverage! Also curing helps prevent leaks because it expands the wood. If not cured the wood shrinks leaving the possibility of cracks and leaks. So make sure to cure it to prevent leaks and to keep the wood from drinking your alcohol or other beverage you might add to it.

For me this is an item to bring out for special events at our house and to have as a nifty decorative touch in our house. It is super cute and it works well. Oh and it comes with 7 rub-on labels for the option of labeling your barrel, although they are all for alcoholic drinks. I could see a whole row of these on a shelf, and that would look neat. The one I have again is 1 liter, but it also can be purchased in a 2 liter size as well.

You can purchase the American Golden Oak Wood Barrel with a Stand, Spigot & Bung HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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