Saturday, July 23, 2016

Versatile Silicone Muffin Pans ~ Gotta Love 'Em

Baking is one way I love to spoil my family, so finding good products to use baking is a must. One such product that is pretty good is by Keliwa. It is their 12 Cup Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan.

First of all if you read my blog on even a semi-regular basis, you know I am a fan of silicone. I love using it for all kinds of things. Baking is no exception to how I feel about silicone. it is just so easy to use and take care of.

The 12 cup muffin pa is made from FDA approved silicone that can take temperatures up to 450°. Not too many things are baked at that temperature or higher, so you are safe using this kind of pan from pretty much everything.

When it comes to muffin pans I use them for mini-meatloaves, egg cups, muffins, cupcakes, ice, lotion bars, dog treats and more. They are great for sorting small things too and with being silicone, it's okay if the kids play with them. They won't get hurt!

There are a few things you need to remember about using silicone in baking. Normally you do not have to add any kind of grease to the pans before you add the food to be baked. A few things you still need to make sure and grease the pans for are cakes and cupcakes. Pretty much everything else comes out without a problem. I use a spray to grease the pans with and the really nice thing is the spray does not build up on silicone like it does metal or glass pans.

(Cupcakes I made then then promptly forgot to take pictures of after they were done. Sorry!)

The Keliwa muffin pan is nice. The cups are standard size and you can stack them together or roll them up to store them. That's another nice thing about silicone. Cleaning is rally easy. I use my regular dish soap in the sink like all my dishes. But you can wash them in the dishwasher too. Oh and the can go in the freezer and the microwave. Gotta love a versatile product like this.

You can purchase the Keliwa 12 Cup Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan HERE!

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