Friday, July 22, 2016

Helping Hands And Magnification For All Kinds Of Specialty Crafting

Some crafting projects and home repairs can take several hands more than you have. And when you need those extra hands they often are not home to help you.

That's where something like the Kitclan LED Light Desktop Magnifier comes in handy. This is a small tool that can help you hold things while you work on them.

The large magnifying lens that is 3X, which is sufficient for most purposes, makes it easy to see what you are doing up close. The neat thing is you can work on things without the magnifier too. It swivels up and out of the way for use with just the extra "hands" part. There are two adjustable points on the neck of the Magnifier so you can adjust the magnifier as needed. The lens can also be rotated 360 degrees.

I really like that there is a small LED light bulb to really help you see what you are working on. The light works by plugging it in with the included USB cord. I found the cord to be way too short, so I have replaced it with one I already had here at home that is 5 times longer. Now I can use the magnifier pretty much anywhere I want to without having to worry about a tightly stretched cord. You can use 3 AAA batteries instead of the USB cord, but the light is not as bright then.

The alligator clips that come with the magnifier, hold things tightly so you don't have to worry about things slipping while you are working. They swivel around 360 degrees and move side to side to reach towards or away from each other depending on the size of the item you are working on.

This magnifier is great for small detail work while making jewelry, working on electronics, making fishing lures, and more. There is also a small tray at the bottom to hold bits for you while you work.

Now I will tell you that most of this unit is plastic, so you need to be careful while using it, especially with anything hot that might melt the plastic or from dropping it. For example, the coil to hold your soldering iron. The end of it touches the plastic so you need to adjust it some before letting a hot soldering iron be put in it. If it was made from better material I would be very excited about it, but since it is just plastic, not so much! It is still a fairly good product.

You can purchase the Kitclan LED Light Desktop Magnifier HERE!

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