Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Finding Stray Hairs On Your Face Just Got Easier!

I'm getting older every single day. Yeah, I know we all are, but it seems like over the last year or so I have noticed it more than before. Some of the noticing is not all that pleasant either. Odd hairs growing in places they just shouldn't be and fine lines that sneak up on me overnight keep showing up. Keeping track of things like this is not easy, especially when your vision is not all that great to start with and then you know, the whole getting older thing affects the vision too. ***sigh***

So what's a girl to do? Hire someone to help you?

Ummm, no thanks! Too expensive and a tad bit embarrassing. "Hey, please pluck my oddly placed hairs, would ya!" Nope!

What you do is get one of these mirrors from Oak Leaf. They have this nifty Two-sided Vanity Mirror that sure gave me a shock! First of all it has a great base with a padded foam that protects counters and table and keeps it from sliding around and being bumped over. It has a nice sized mirror on it that is about 5½" in diameter, that makes it easy to look at your face without holding a mirror in one hand and something else, like tweezers in the other.

Second, the mirror swivels to whatever angle you need it at and it has a 5X mirror on the other side. Now if you have never seen your face with that much magnification, well, you are in for a surprise. Oooh boy, it shows you everything. All those hairs you missed, pores you sure wish were not as porous, and fine lines you thought you had conquered with the latest amazing skin cream you tried out.

Now if you want to see the difference, here are two pictures taken from the same spot in my office craft room. One is with the regular mirror and the other with the 5x. BIG difference. Those metal drawers in the back ground are about 4½ feet from me and look very close in the magnified image. It's a great mirror.

You do need to know it comes unassembled, but it is pretty easy to figure out how it all works together even without directions, which are not included. It took all of about 2 minutes to put it together and they include a special wrench to do the job.

Love the mirror despite it is showing me every little flaw on my face I didn't know was there. LOL! It sells at a great price too. This would make a good addition to any vanity.

You can purchase the Oak Leaf Two-sided Vanity Mirror with 5X Magnification HERE!

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