Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Hot Dog Slic'r

When it comes to feeding your kids, it can be a struggle to gt them to eat. They don't always want to cooperate with you. Sometimes you need to get creative and let them have a little fun to help them enjoy their meal and make your life a little easier.

The Hot Dog Slic'r is one of those things that can help you give your kids some fun while they eat. This little dog is a fun way to take your average hot dog and cut it into small, bite sized pieces.

Here's how it works, Take a hot dog, cold or hot, place it in the base. The second piece is placed over it and you push down. This cuts the hot dog into small pieces. You can serve it in the base or you can place the pieces on a plate. If you serve it in the base, the small bowl in the front of the dog's face can be used as a dipping bowl for your child's favorite condiment.

The "blades" of the Slic'r are not sharp, so it is safe to use, and even your kids could use it safely. It cuts okay, but does take some wiggling and a good push to cut all the way through, although lining it up just right over the base does not always work too well. It took me 3 hot dogs to finally get it lined up just right. My husband did not complain about that though. LOL!

It wasn't easy to cut through the hot dogs but not too bad to use except the hot dogs do not want to stay in the base all nice in a row to use it like a plate/bowl. The pieces want to fall out every time, like in the picture above. I couldn't push them back through the holes and it is not easy to get them all back in it to serve it that way. Much easier to just place them on a plate or in a bowl. You can still use the little bowl in front of the dog as a condiment dish, but it isn't quite the same thing as having the hot dog in it too. Maybe after a few more cuts, I'll get the pieces to stay.

This is a fun thing for you to use with your kids to help make meal time a little more fun for them. The Slic'r washes on the top rack of the dishwasher or you can do it by hand, and it's easy to store. For me it seems to be more work to use than it should be, but if it is fun for the kids, I'm okay with that.

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