Saturday, June 11, 2016

Glass Water Bottles Are Not Just For Water!

Sometimes you really need to have good glass bottles to use for drinking or storing things. Glass just works better, especially for long term storage.

Brieftons Glass Water Bottles are perfect for that. The set of 18 oz glass bottles come in a set of 6, which is great for use as a family for water bottles of for a unified look in storage. Each bottle comes with a stainless steel screw on cap that has a food grade silicone seal in it.

The size of these bottles is great. They feel good in your hand and are very easy to fill. The opening is a good size for filling with liquid, but can hold a funnel well for filling with herbs or grains. I found them really easy to drink from and being glass there is no chance of any flavor contamination from plastic or silicone.

What I thought they would be perfect for in our home was for homemade dressings and sauces. They are just the right size for several small recipes and they store so nicely in the fridge. In the average fridge they can sit one in front of the other, not taking up a lot of room. Since they are clear glass, you can clearly see what is in each one, although I still recommend labeling them. The tight seal on the lid really helps keep things fresh in them and it is also leak-proof, so if they tip or get bumped over, they won't spill.

I know these are intended as water bottles, but I have enjoyed them as storage bottles for several things in my home and plan on getting more for a nice uniform look in my kitchen. Plus they come with a nice bonus bottle brush to help you clean them!

You can purchase the Brieftons Glass Water Bottles HERE!

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