Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beautiful Faucet For The Kitchen Or Bath

My husband and I are slowing doing improvements to our home as we can afford and as we have time to do. One thing, from the moment we moved in, that I wanted to do was change the kitchen faucet. The sink is a good depth, but the faucet is so low to the sink, it makes it hard to fill bog post and pans or to rinse off large things I wash.

The Kitchen Faucet from JHX is something I was hoping to get installed in our kitchen. This is a really nice faucet with a few extra features I just love. The faucet comes with faucet the faucet, a brass bushing, 2 rubber seals, a brass nut, 2 water adapter lines, and an instruction manual that is not in English, but some oriental language. Not too helpful in getting it installed, but it is not a hard install to do if you know anything about simple plumbing.

The faucet is stainless steel, lead-free material, with an added 18/10 Chromium/Nickel content to protect against corrosion & rust. It has a beautiful brushed finish that looks really nice, although ours came with a few small scratches on the spout area. The faucet swivels 360°, which is great. Although It doesn't help me to swivel that much, it does help to be able to move it completely out of the way and not hanging over the sink. Sometimes you just need the faucet out of the way. But if you have an island sink, the faucet sits up high enough from the sink that they could swivel the faucet around not over the sink to fill a glass. If we had an island sink, I could see my family doing that!

Th other neat thing about this faucet is the spout. It swivels 360° too. It's kind of neat to have. You can turn it up to the top and use it like a drinking fountain. The handle to operate the flow and temperature is really nice and easy to regulate. There is one unfortunate thing about the handle, on the front of it are some oriental characters. I have no idea what it says, most likely a brand name. It's a little distracting because of not knowing.

If you have no plumbing experience and still want to install this faucet, I would recommend hiring a plumber to help you. If you do have plumbing experience, then it is not hard to install even though the manual is in some oriental language. This is a beautiful faucet and looks great, easy to use and some nice extra features. It was also work well in a bathroom too. Oh, and it was also pressure tested in the factory, which is a really good thing to know!

You can purchase the JHX Kitchen Faucet HERE!

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