Monday, June 27, 2016

Silicone Steamer & Oven Mitts From Cuisinework

It seems like these days you will find pretty much every kind of kitchen gadget that you have in your kitchen being made out of silicone. For the most part, that's not a bad thing. This new product to me, is one of the things I think it's good being made from silicone.

Cuisinework has a Silicone Easy Veggie Steamer and 2 Multipurpose Oven Mitts set that we have been using for a while now and so far, I like them.

Now I have tried out silicone oven mitts before. They are nice and super easy to use. These are no exception. The inside part of the mitts have ridges on them so you can get a good grip on pretty much everything you would need to pick up that is really hot or cold. I like them because I can maneuver really easily wearing them and don't have a lot of extra material or silicone in my way.

The steamer is new to me. I have used vegetable steamers for many years and have loved them. They are great for pretty much any fresh veggies you may want to steam for a healthier diet. The silicone is fantastic for this. The steamer can handle temperatures up to 500°! That means that it can handle boiling water with no problem and could also go in your oven to prop up something you bake.

The steamer fits in pretty much and saucepan you may have. it's 8" in diameter. If it is a smaller pan, the silicone conforms to the sides easily and can hold the veggies all nestled in the dish. If the pan is bigger it will sit in the center just fine on the raised bit on the bottom. The handle can be left open or it closes together to pick up with one hand if needed. There are small ridges on the bottom of the steamer to help prevent any veggies from sticking, but for the most part, most foods will not stick to silicone. That's one of the best things about it. The only thing I wish they would change about the steamer is that it have more of a bowl effect with sides to hold more. But that's not a big deal!

Both the steamer and the mitts are made of BPA-free and FDA food grade approved silicone. They are super easy to clean and care for and can be tossed in dishwater or the top rack of the dishwasher. Plus they are easy to store. Love that about all silicone pieces. This is a great set and I'm sure you would find many uses for them both.

You can purchase the Cuisinework Silicone Easy Veggie Steamer and 2 Multipurpose Oven Mitts set HERE!

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