Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Easy To Set Up & Take Down Canopy From Ohuhu

This time of year it is so nice to spend time with family and friends, but getting stuck in the hot sun for hours on end can be rough. That's why having some kind of shelter from the heat is always nice. Having some kind of canopy to put up and take down as needed is always handy for special events. Ohuhu has a really nice canopy that is not only easy to put up but is easy to store too.

The canopy is 10'x10' and comes in a really nice canvas storage bag with wheels on the bottom. It has two large heavy duty straps to help you carry it around too. Now I will tell you, it's heavy. It's really heavy, which is a good thing because that means it is made of substantial material that will hold up. In fact it has a steel frame. This to me is a big deal. We had one years ago that was aluminum and it gave out after just a few uses and one good wind gust. This canopy can handle some wind and some rain, although they recommend taking it down in heavy rain and winds.

We found that it is not easy for just one person to put up on their own. You really need two, although my guys tried on their own and after a LOT of finagling were able to get it up. They don't think it is a good idea to do it alone. Everything you need to set it up is in the bag and the directions are pretty clear with good images to help you if needed.

You put the canopy up part way, place the canvas roof on and then adjust the canopy to the height you want with the adjustable legs. When the legs are fully extended the center peak of the canopy is about 12' tall. I like that the height can be set where you want. Sometimes with the way the sun is shining, keeping it shorter helps keep the sun out of your eyes and off your food. The roof is affixed to the legs with Velcro straps that are easy to get in place, and when you are done with the canopy you just reverse the process. You should not store the roof on the canopy. It needs to be folded up on it's own and stored in the bag.

We highly recommend this canopy to you and also suggest you use it with canopy weight bags to help make sure it stays put and secure. Ohuhu makes really nice ones that we have and like a lot! One thing you should know is that the canopy storage bag is very long (about 62") and will not fit in all vehicles. Keep that in mind if you plan on transporting it anywhere.

You can purchase the Ohuhu Instant Shelter 10x10 Canopy HERE!

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