Monday, June 27, 2016

Coloring Is NOT Just For Women!

I'm sure you are all familiar with the craze now of adult coloring books. I think it's great. It's a wonderful way to unwind after a long crazy day. But how many men do you know that are involved in adult coloring books? I'm guessing not near as many women. Part of the reason is most of the books available are geared more towards women. So.......

Life In Coloring has developed a Men's Coloring Book and Art Portfolio Set. This is a really nice set made just for men although I do know a few women who would enjoy it too.

The set comes in a nice padded black folio. It feels good in your hands and is no bigger than any other professional folio you might carry around in your briefcase or backpack. it has a magnetic flap to close it and inside is everything you need (except an eraser) to spend some time unwinding and relaxing.

The coloring book is "Empowered by Color, A male inspired coloring adventure". It's a collection of 20 images to color, most drawn on white paper, a few on black. The images are all what most of us would call manly and more things a guy would enjoy coloring that were drawn by a man. The quality of the paper is really nice, heavy enough that when you press on it while coloring you don't indent the page under it very much.

It also come with 12 colored pencils that have a very nice soft lead that is easy to blend and color with. They unfortunately do break easily when sharpening, so keep in mince not to sharpen them too much or they will break easily. The colors are really nice though and look awesome on both the white paper and black paper.

The coloring set also comes with a small pencil case that you can add more pencils to and it has a bonus sharpener included that works really well. The pencil case is attached to the folio with a large Velcro strip so you can remove it if wanted.

This is a great coloring set and honestly, I wish they would make one for women similar to it! It would make a nice gift for any guy who could use a little unwinding and relaxing!

You can purchase the Life In Coloring Men's Coloring Book and Art Portfolio Set HERE!

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