Friday, April 22, 2016

Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Earrings For Everyday Wear

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. I don't mind the occasional flash or bang to give some excitement to my life, but there is something abut reliable and consistent!

That's one reason why I love this pair of earrings that will work for so many different looks and I feel comfortable wearing. Stera Jewelry has this lovely pair that fits both of those things. The Elegant Vintage Look .925 Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Drop Earrings with Wire and Hook Closure is a pair of earrings I could wear almost every day and love it.

The earrings are .925 sterling silver, which is always a plus in my book. If I have a choice of metal, it will always be silver. Intricate strands of silver are woven around to form a nest-like fame for the onyx stone in the center. The back of the earrings are solid silver and all of it has an antique look to it. They remind me of some of the things I found in my Grandmother's jewelry box. What I really love is the classic design. It is something that looks beautiful now and will carry through for many years to come.

I enjoy the lightness of these too. You can hardly tell you have them on while wearing them. They hang down from my ears at the perfect length and are the perfect length for drop earrings. As I go through my day, I tend to forget I have them on.

The closure gives me a really nice sense of security knowing they are not going to fall out or catch in my long hair. I can say that the quality of these earrings is exceptional. I will enjoy wearing these with many outfits from casual to work and then out for a date.

These would make lovely gifts for someone you love or for a special occasion.

You can purchase the Stera Jewelry Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Drop Earrings HERE!

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