Friday, April 22, 2016

Exceptional Bottles For Traveling With Essential Oils

One thing I really enjoy is using essential oils. They are a big part of my life and have been for many, many years. I was using them before it became a "thing". There are so many that can help you live a better life, and I know when I am not using my oils enough. I start feeling out of whack.

I was happy to get some really neat little bottles to carry some of my oils with me all the time without having to carry a big container with all the large bottles. Your Prepared Family has a set of 10, ¼ dram Amber Glass Aromatherapy Bottles. These are the nicest little bottles to have.

These little bottle are teeny tiny. Each one is only 1" tall and a little over ½" in diameter. The bottles are amber in color to help protect the contents from UV light, which can damage the oil and it's effectiveness. They also come with 10 little stoppers to keep the contents of each bottle secure and from leaking.

I love having these. They make it so easy to fill a couple with a few different oils or combination of oils, and I can carry them along with me in my purse or backpack. Wherever I go, I know I can have some of my favorite oils handy, ones that help with stress, or being tired, any number of things. Sometimes it's nice just to have a refreshing fragrance along.

The little stoppers are super easy to get out and then put back in. I was surprised at how easy the were to remove. Honestly, I was afraid I would spill the oil. Have not done that yet!

These are the perfect little bottles for traveling, sharing a few with friends or if you are in the essential oil business, for handing out samples to customers. Seriously convenient and easy to use. And all 10 bottle take up the room of one larger bottle! That certainly are space savers for travel!

I highly recommend these to you if you use essential oils!

You can purchase the Your Prepared Family Amber Glass Aromatherapy Set of 10 Bottles HERE!

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