Monday, April 6, 2015

The River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer Does More Than Meat

One thing that is really important when cooking is making sure the temperature of your food gets high enough to completely cook it, especially meat. Under cooked meat is one of the main cause for food-caused illness.

The best way to make sure your food is cooked properly is to have a good thermometer to test your food. That's where the River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer is so very helpful. I have been impressed with this thermometer.

One things I really like about it is the way it quickly pierces the food. There is a nice point on the end of a stainless steel probe that will reach deep inside even the thickest meat to give you the proper internal temp of that cut of meat.

As soon as you turn it on with the easy to use buttons, it starts working. You can see that even holding it, it is registering the heat from my fingers in Celsius and Fahrenheit! It's very easy to operate and easy to read. Which is nice, especially for my husband who is partially blind.

It comes with a really nice cover to protect it when not in use and if you really want to clip it on your apron, it has a clip that holds it securely in your pocket on on the edge of you apron. It's very long too. It's approximately 9" long, so it's gonna reach down in the largest cut of meat or a big pot of soup and it can even be used for making candy! it's waterproof and shock-proof. I also like that it has an auto-shut off. You can manually shut if off, but when you are busy cooking it would be easy to forget it from time to time.

I also appreciate that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's a great multi-purpose thermometer that will help you keep your family's food safe for them! I love using this thermometer and think you will too!

Plus here is a great bonus from River kitchen. This is a great reference chart for the proper temperatures for meats and other dishes! Right click on the image to save it and then you can print it off large enough to see well and hang up somewhere in your kitchen to be handy while cooking!

You can purchase your own River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer HERE!

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  1. Thank you for the nice review on this thermometer and the fact it can be used on more than meat.