Monday, April 6, 2015

Dexter Came To Visit While We Watched Night At The Museum Secret Tomb

I was so excited when we got the chance to review the movie Night At The Museum Secret Tomb. We loved the first two and were pretty sure the second was going to be just as good.

But before I tell you about the movie you need to find out about Dexter. You remember Dexter, the Capuchin monkey that kept giving everyone a hard time. Little did we know he showed up at our house and had fun as soon as he got here! He didn't stay put for long.

He hung out with our Newfoundland. Bender was not sure about this crazy monkey!!

He hung around our coat rack, just waiting to hitch a ride somewhere. He was sneaky so we had to be careful every time we went out the door!

Little did we know Dexter is a Star Trek fan and was so excited to pose with Spock, his father and mother. Who knew!

He was thrilled to meet the George's. Yep all those critters sitting there but one is named George. George the Hippo sporting his awesome sunglasses, George the Lamb, who is soft and sweet, George the Mouse who loves to squeak on everyone, George the Rain Forrest Frog who has a tendency of getting into trouble, George the snail who is camera shy and sitting on Wilfred the Pig's ear. (Trust me, he's there). Dexter had a lot of fun getting to know all of them!

The most fun he had though was sitting with my son Jason while they watched the movie. Dexter kept snitching Jason's popcorn, but we had plenty so it wasn't too bad!

The movie was so much fun! It really held up to our expectations after loving the first two in the series! There were parts that moved a little slow, but the story itself was a lot of fun, and seeing how Larry was going to save all his friends from the museum was quite an adventure. How they fit it all in one night surprised me. 

Larry finds out that the Golden Tablet is losing its power and fewer and fewer of the museum exhibits are coming to life as the tablet rusts.

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Some new characters are introduced and it's fun to see how the old friends we know connect  and interact with them.

For the most part, we thought the movie was great and think it would be pretty good for most families. There were a few swear words and slang I wish had not been in there and I had to wonder what was supposed to be in the cups being used by Larry's son and his friends. There is some excitement and lots of funny things too! Overall a fun time!

We received a sample of the movie for the purpose of review from Vocalpoint!

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