Monday, November 28, 2016

Extra Large Bath Mat Is Just What We Needed

Safety in our bathroom is something I take very seriously these days. I have to, my husband has a lot of trouble with his feet and I need to make sure he is safe getting in and out of our big garden tub.

Dreams-ABM has this Extra long Anti Slip Bath & Shower Mat that we got to try out and I can honestly say it is a really nice bath mat. The first thing is the size. Since it is extra long, it fills out the whole tub and I know that wherever my husband steps, he will have a secure surface to step on. The mat is 39" long. It is also 16" wide, which is great for our tub since the drain is on the side and not directly under the spigot. The mat does not cover our drain like other have in the past.

The top of the mat has large circular bumps that feel like they are massaging your feet as you move around. At first, I thought they might be a bit too much, but after using it for a while, I have been very happy with how they feel. Each bump is a little over 1" in diameter. They feel great as you move around and they also help keep your feet secure as you do.

The back of the mat has good sized suction cups to help hols it in place. Each one is under the bumps on the top and they hold really well. It took a few times to get them all to stay down, but once they were down, they did not budge while we used the shower. This is, I think, the most important part of safety for me. As you step in and out, you feet do not slip or slide on the mat. Very important!

I think this is a great mat and can highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase the Dreams-ABM Extra long Anti Slip Bath & Shower Mat HERE!

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