Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Yilove Silicone Bread Mold Is Fantastic

Baking bread is something I have always loved to do. I learned at a young age helping my Mom and Grandma while they made bread. But one thing I have never liked is how slow it is when I want to make lots of bread or special sized bread.

The Yilove Non-stick Perforated Silicone Bread Baking Mold is helping me with that! I really, really like this mold a lot!

The silicone is so easy to work with. It is light weight, easy to store and can handle abuse a lot better than my glass or metal pans can. It is so easy to use. No grease is needed at all and it can be put in the dishwasher or washed by hand. The mold can tolerate heat up to 482° and down to -40°, so it will handle pretty much every kind of bread recipe (not dessert breads though) that you can find.

There are four sections in the mold, which means that I can make four small loaves of bread at one time. This is perfect for what our family needs for special meals and saves me a lot of time and energy. The whole mold is about 10" wide and 12" long. Each of the depressions in the mold to shape the bread are about 9" long and 3" wide. This size makes the perfect sized small loaf for filling a bread basket on the table. My guys like the size for making subs at home and for cutting in half to make garlic bread for dipping into their spaghetti sauce.

One thing that is really nice about this mold is the mesh of the silicone. Since it is a small weave mesh, the air flow of the heat in the oven bakes the bread more evenly and a little faster than traditional pans. I was thrilled with how nice and evenly brown the bread was. You do need to place the mold on a sheet pan because it is so flexible. When you take the bread out of the oven, it just pops right out of the mold with very little effort. My biggest problem is finding the exact amount of dough to keep the sizes of the loaves consistent. I'm getting there, but my family doesn't really care. They just love the bread!

The bread comes out of the mold with a really nice, evenly browned crust and a soft interior. It is really nice and we are loving it. I know there will be a lot more fresh bread at here now. I highly recommend this to you!

You can purchase the Yilove Non-stick Perforated Silicone Bread Baking Mold HERE!

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