Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Copper Rain Chain From Marragon

Most people would agree that the sound of water is relaxing. There's something about splashing waves or a light rainfall that is so calming. That's why so many kinds of water fountains and attractions are made.

Marragon has a beautiful water feature product that we have at our home now, and I just love it! It's the Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain.

The rain chain has 8 beautiful solid copper bell-shaped cups that hang intermittently from a copper plated aluminum chain. It hangs from one of the gutter spouts and as the water hits the cups and chain, it makes a beautiful sound that is really nice to hear along with the rain hitting the roof of the house.

The whole thing from top to bottom is about 6 feet long and is completely adjustable. You can move the copper cups up or down the chain and can shorten the chain if you want depending on where you want to hang it. In some circumstances it may not be long enough to reach close to the ground and you may need to place a rain barrel or planter under it to help divert the water away from your house.

I was a little concerned that the chain would blow around too much in the wind, but with the weight of the water in it as it comes out of the eaves trough on the roof, it keeps the chain from blowing too much. It does move, but not enough to cause it to get tangled or messed up.

This is a beautiful and musical sound addition to our home and combined with our wind chimes, the porch sounds really nice when it rains! I think the only thing I would like is that you could have a longer chain and a few more copper cups to add to it so it goes all the way to the ground.

You can purchase the Marragon Golden Canary Copper Rain Chain HERE!

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