Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Easy@Home Digital Thermometer Is Doctor Approved

One of the most important things you need to have in a first aid kit is a thermometer, especially if you have children. Kids can run fevers for the slightest things, and it's important to know when you need to call the doctor and when you can handle something at home without a doctor.

But which kind of thermometer do you use? There are so many kinds and how accurate are they really?

Both very good questions.

One kind I have learned to trust is the Easy@Home Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer. We got ours at just the right time. My husband and I both had severe bronchitis and were running fevers. I can't begin to tell you how much nicer using an ear thermometer is compared to an oral one when you are really sick, can't breathe well, and coughing every other minute.

The thermometer comes with 2 AAA batteries that you need to operate it. They are really easy to install. It also comes with a nice case that holds the thermometer upright and covered, all ready to go. They have also included 15 probe covers that are very easy to put on and take off the thermometer, and complete instructions.

Setting up the thermometer took only a minute or two. The directions in the booklet are easy to follow and you need to set the time and date. When you place it in the ear you push the test button and will hear a beep. When it beeps again it is done testing. It's really easy to read and even when the little green light goes off you can still see the display. While using the thermometer there is memory so you can recall what someone's temperature was the last time you took it. You can have it recall the last 10 temperatures taken, the date and the time. That's a good thing to have when you need to call the doctor for something.

But the ease of use is not the only thing that is so good about this thermometer. It is also very accurate. I checked it with my doctor's office (I've been there a lot over the last month) and they were impressed with it. They compared it to the ones they use there in the office and said for an at-home device this was really nice! I would say that is high praise indeed.

The only problem I saw with the thermometer is that the probe covers do not fit in the nice case for the thermometer. I wish they did so the two parts were together all the time. But I can deal with that knowing how accurate it is and how easy it is to use.

You can purchase the Easy@Home Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer HERE!

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