Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Cobra Stainless Steel Bracelet From Hacart ~ A Great Addition To Any Man's Wardrobe

I love seeing a man dressed up and looking good, and although my husband is not one who likes to wear jewelry, my sons do. They don't wear a lot, but the pieces they wear are nice and mean something to them.

The bracelet I recently got is something they both like a lot and it will be tough to figure out who gets it. LOL! It's from Hacart and is the "Cobra" Stainless Steel Men's Link Bracelet in Black & Silver With Fold-Over Clasp. This is a nice looking bracelet and would look great on any man.

The bracelet is made completely of stainless steel and is a little heavy. It just feels like the kind of bracelet a guy would wear. The design does look a little like a snake and it fits really well around the wrist. The stainless steel is two-toned with silver and black accents that show off the design of the bracelet.

What's really nice is that the stainless steel will not rust or tarnish, so a guy can wear this, sweat a lot, work in it a lot and it will keep looking good for a long time! Plus since it does not tarnish, there's not a need for polishing or cleaning like a silver bracelet would have.

The clasp on the bracelet is made really well. It is easy to operate and you don't need someone to help you with it. While the bracelet is on, you can hardly tell where the clasp is, which enhances the look a lot! the clasp is easy to find though when you know what to look for. It has a small triangle on it, which is what you push to unclasp it.

This really is a nice bracelet, and I know one of my boys is going to be very happy when he gets it! Guess I'll have to find something for the other one now. LOL!

You can purchase the Hacart "Cobra" Stainless Steel Men's Link Bracelet in Black & Silver With Fold-Over Clasp HERE!

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