Monday, May 16, 2016

InnoGear Solar Lights Are Nice and Bright In Our Yard

I don't know about you, but I love solar lights! They save us so much money and once they are in place, there is nothing else you need to do. They do it all for you!

InnoGear has the 20 LED Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light set that is perfect for so many places around the outside of your home. These lights are really nice to have. The solar panel is very large and can collect light even on cloudy days. It took about 10 hours to charge the lights to start with, but once they were charged, they have been running nicely all the time!

The 20 LED lights per unit have three modes, off, on at a dim level until motion is detected, and off until motion is detected. We have ours on the dim until motion is detected. It's really handy for us when we take our Newfoundland out for a walk at night. He is solid black except one small patch on his chest, so seeing him at night is tough! Having these lights spaced out on or deck helps us keep track of where he is running around at night.

The lights come with everything you need to set them up. I appreciate that the screws to mount them with were included. We didn't have to search around for just the right sized ones to hang the lights up. The directions for operating the lights are simple and really easy to understand. Love that!!

The lights are also safe to be out in any kind of weather. It makes it nice not to have to worry about them at all. Just hang them up and let them do their job. Also I think you would be surprised at how much light they give off in a dark yard. It is plenty to keep things safe and to help you see at night. Plus they come on bright when something comes within about 16 feet. That's a larger distance than another solar light we have outside. I like the longer distance reach, making it quicker for the light to come on when needed.

Neat hing is our set is in white, but they also come in black, so you can get a set that will work best with your home.

You can purchase the InnoGear 20 LED Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light set HERE!

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