Friday, April 15, 2016

This Is One product I Can Not Recommend To you

I normally don't have to do this, but this is one time I have to. I love to give products the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes, they just don't meet up to what I think a product should be. This is one of those products.

H-set has this Silicone Anti-Slip Bath Mat that we got to try out and I can honestly say I was horribly disappointed. The very first thing I have to tell you is that it absolutely reeked of a chemical smell. It was so bad that it turned my stomach. Now we have had products before that have had chemical smells and we would let them air out for a day or two and they would be fine. This one, not so much! For as long as we have had it, the smell has not gone away. When it was in the bathtub with the door to the bathroom shut, the whole room smelled. It was awful, and with the door open we could smell it all through our master bedroom.

Now for the product putting aside the odor.....the mat is 16" by 28", is latex and PVC free. It is also made to be anti-bacterial. All of those things are nice and it was an okay fit for our tub since most of the time we have a bench in it for my husband because of his health.  For me, I would prefer the mat to be longer so it fit the whole length of the tub. The width was just right though.

We tried multiple times to get the suction cups to stick and stay stuck. The mat was having none of that. It just did not want to stay put. It seemed like every time I would move my foot on it it would give in that spot. This to me is a very serious thing since my husband has serious foot injuries he has to deal with and is very unsteady on his feet without his special shoes on. I don't feel safe letting him use it. I am thinking it is because the mat is quite thin. The last one we had was thick and weighed a ton. This one is thin and somewhat light.

I really cannot recommend this product to you but if you want to find out for yourself it does come in three colors, pink, yellow and white. You can purchase one of the H-set Silicone Anti-Slip Bath Mats HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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