Sunday, March 13, 2016

Still Not Sure I like This Completely Or Not

I received something a short while ago and I have to tell you, I am still not sure on whether I like it completely or not.

The ThorKey is a piece of leather with a screw post and dividers to hold you keys. I remember using one of these may years ago that my dad had. I used to play with his all the time and he loved it.

I love the leather. It smells wonderful and looks great. It arrived with no dings or scratches in a nice gift box and it is a really good quality leather. The size is just right too. The post can hold up to 7 keys. But it does arrive with an 8GB USB Key, which is a really nice bonus, meaning that you can leave the USB on and hold only 6 keys or take it off for 7. Having the USB handy with you is a great idea!

Attaching or removing the keys is not too hard. You have to hold it so the post is standing up, sitting on a table or hard service, and unscrew the screw to open it. Slide the little black dividers off (those are there to help the keys move smoothly and not catch on each other), and start adding your keys with a divider between each key. Place the leather loop back over the post and screw the screw back in. Sounds more complicated than it is, but I think it is pretty easy. It really does keep your keys very secure.

My thing about the ThorKey is that my car keys do not fit over the post and if I want to include them I have to leave them on a ring and attach the ring over the post. It's not a big deal, but part of the reason you have this kind of key ring is to make it compact. All the keys slide in to the leather loop and stay there, protecting other things you might have in your pocket or purse from getting scratched by the keys. If there is a ring on it with keys sticking out, well, that defeats the purpose and certainly does not make it compact.

But I do like the whole idea and may just go ahead and use it that way. I like having all my keys in one place and the leather smells so good!

I do know several people who would love this, so I do recommend it. It is very well made and will work well for a lot of keys and you get the bonus 8GB USB with it.

You can purchase the ThorKey HERE!

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  1. I remember these sort of things. I too love the leather smell. I'm not sure this would work for me, I may have too many keys. Thanks for the review!