Sunday, March 13, 2016

We Can't Wait For More Warm Weather For More Fun Bonfires

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed a bonfire and siting around it roasting hot dogs or s'mores! Some of my fondest memories have been made with my family around a good bonfire. One thing I do remember really well is looking for sticks to roast with. They had to be long enough for dad to carve a point on the end and still long enough to be back from the fire enough.

I am so thankful to have a much better solution these days than a stick hunt! Marshmallow Pro has a super nifty set of Marshmallow Roasting Sticks that fit the bill exactly!

The sticks are wonderful. They have two tines on the forks, just right for putting on 2 or 4 marshmallows or even 2 hot dogs. The ends of the forks are pointed, so you do need to be careful with them, but they are not super sharp pointed. It's just enough to get through the marshmallows and hot dogs (or sausage, or any number of things you can roast). They come with tiny red caps to cover the tips with, and I love them! I know they won't be poking out through the storage bag or poking me as I dig them out.

The roasting sticks come in this nice nylon carrying case, so you have all of them in one place all ready to go. The sticks are only 10" long in the case, but they telescope out to 34" from end to end. It's a nice length to keep yourself from being too close to the fire, but close enough to roast things. When the roasting sticks are extended all the way out, they are very sturdy and not flimsy at all. I was impressed with the quality of these. Plus there are 5 colors, so everyone can keep track of their own roasting stick.

Now here is one of the really neat things about these roasting sticks, at the top of the handle, between the handle and the metal is a small heavy black plastic piece that holds the bottom of the telescoping metal. You can turn that as you hold the stick to rotate what you are roasting without having to turn the handle. In fact, you can do it with one hand holding the handle and rotating the stick with your thumb. It's pretty neat and so stinkin' easy to brown things evenly with these!

We can't wait for all the bonfires we will have this year and all the new memories we will be making around them with our Marshmallow Pro Roasting Sticks!

You can purchase the marshmallow Pro Roasting Sticks HERE!

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