Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Alite LED Plant Grow Light Is Perfect For Keeping You Indoor Plants Healthy

I have been an avid gardener for as long as I can remember. My Grandmother used to take me out in the garden and on walks in fields and woods and taught me a lot about plants and growing them and their uses. I love it and wish I could remember more of what she taught me. But even since then I have learned a lot on my own and have enjoyed being a Master Gardener and instructor for the Master Gardener program in my state.

One thing I think every gardener can use is grow lights. They are important when planning for your summer garden and for helping keep indoor plants alive during those long winter days.

Alite has an Advanced LED Plant Grow Light that I think is fantastic. It is a really good sized light that will help in your garden planning and growing. This is the first time I have tried out an LED grow light and I have been impressed with it.

You use the bulb in a standard E27 socket which is very convenient. There is no need to have specialized lighting fixtures to be able to use this bulb. I love the idea of being able to use in pretty much in any room of the house!

Here's a little from the company about the light:
The Alite 12W LED Plant Grow Light has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis performance in your garden plants. Alite manufactures the Grow Light in a precise Heat Sink to generate the least amount of heat and therefore prevent any damage to your Garden Plants. Due to the consistent Light Production and refined Light Wavelength using the Alite Grow Lamp will maximize your Plant Growth. 12 LED Lights in precise arrangement to improve Growth across all plants. With the supremely efficient LEDs, low heat generation and optimized Light Wavelengths the 12W Grow Light is the perfect option for Indoor Growing.
The lower temperature of the light really is super beneficial. I was very pleased with that as one of my biggest concerns over the years with any grow light has been the heat generated by the bulb. It sometimes would become difficult to regulate the height of the bulb from the plants still giving them enough light without burning them.

Being LED lights, this will help extend the life of the bulb too and cost It seems like other grow lights I have tried blow out way too fast for my liking! The average lifespan of one of the LED bulbs is 50,000 hours. That's incredible!

I can say that I have been highly impressed with this bulb and I am hoping to get several more! I am looking forward to using it this coming winter to keep my rosemary and scented geraniums alive and healthy all season long!

You can purchase your own Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light HERE!

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