Thursday, April 23, 2015

Going Back To Some Of My Roots In Art

I love to draw and unfortunately I don't get the time to spend on it like I would want. Then again, who of us really gets to spend time on much of anything we would really like to?

Colore Art recently sent me a 26 Piece Sketch & Drawing Pencils Set that has spurred me on to spend a few more stolen moments drawing again. I'm horribly out of practice, but I am enjoying getting back into something I love.

This is a fabulous set of pencils, especially for the beginning artist or for those who just want a nice basic set of sketch pencils to work with.

A small piece I drew. You can see I am a little rusty!

Here's what comes in the set:
- 12 graphite pencils in varying grades of hardness (5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B) - 3 charcoal pencils in soft, medium and hard grades
- 1 soft graphite sketching pencil
- 3 graphite and 3 charcoal sticks in soft, medium and hard grades
- 1 sharpener and 1 plastic eraser for graphites
- 1 sharpener and 1 kneaded eraser for charcoals

This is the best combination of hard and soft pencils and charcoal to be able to do a range of drawing and sketching. I was impressed with the quality of the pencils. They feel light weight while using them, yet the graphite does not break readily. The charcoal is the same. I have used a lot of charcoal that tends to fall apart easily while sketching which can be very frustrating. I really appreciate the charcoal and graphite sticks. It saves so much time when trying to cover larger areas with less wear on your pencils.

One thing I have appreciated is that the pencils sharpen easily without breaking. So many others I have used over the years break while sharpening them and there is so much waste and frustration watching the graphite break inside the wood!

I can highly recommend this set to you and will encourage anyone who loves to draw or wants to encourage someone in their life to draw, get this set! It's fantastic at a great price! I think the only thing that could make this set even better would be to include some blender sticks.

You can purchase your own Colore Art 26 Piece Sketch & Drawing Pencils Set HERE!

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