Tuesday, September 10, 2019

An Amish Christmas Kitchen ~ A Great Gift For The Season

I love to read and I read a lot. I always have a book with me when I go places since I don't know how long I will be waiting at the places I go. This current book was perfect for that.

About the book:
An Amish Christmas Kitchen: Three Novellas Celebrating the Warmth of the Season written by Leslie Gould, Jan Drexler, and Kate Lloyd , is the perfect gift for an avid reader in your home.

As the weather grows cold and the nights grow long, the cheer and warmth of the Christmas season is one thing all readers can find comfort in. This collection from bestselling Amish fiction novelists Leslie Gould, Jan Drexler, and Kate Lloyd finds the beating heart at the center of the holiday and offers three novellas that celebrate family, faith, and especially the sights and smells of a bustling holiday kitchen.

Leslie Gould tells the story of how, in the wake of a heartbreaking loss, a young Amish woman finds unexpected comfort and hope in a yearly baking tradition surrounding the local Lancaster Christmas market. Jan Drexler offers a sweet tale of a shy Amish woman who decides to use her gift for sweets to woo a local Amish boy with her beloved Christmas cookies. And Kate Lloyd offers a heartwarming tale of a woman's unexpected discovery about the truth of her past, and the warm and welcoming Amish family table she finds herself invited to on Christmas.

What I thought about the book:
An Amish Christmas Kitchen is a lovely book with three novellas that you can easily read in an afternoon. I loved how quickly I could identify with the characters and how sweet the stories were. Each story was set in the same time period and you could sense the area of the country where they took place, along with the simple lifestyle of the Amish. The sweet romances that took place were very touching and helped you root for the main characters to find happiness, especially during the Christmas season. This would make a great gift for a friend or loved one for Christmas! Fair warning, reading this will make you want to go bake or visit a bakery.

You can find the book on Amazon and in local book stores!

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