Sunday, June 23, 2019

Looking For A Summer Slouchy Beanie?

I know this is not exactly the time of year you usually talk about a product like this, but with all the weird weather we have been having, it really fits! Plus, even when it is warm you once in a while need something like this.

CacheAlaska has a fantastic Summer Slouchy Beanie! I have to tell you, this really is a nice hat.

The material is acrylic and super light weight. With the slouch look, you can wear it all year round keeping your head comfortable in cold or warm weather. It's great for being out in windy, rainy and blustery days, keeping your hair dry and looking good! Plus, your head doesn't get overheated while wearing it.

I like that it will fit pretty much every one. I have very tall, big sons, and they often find it hard to get hats to fit. They don't stretch enough or they don't stay on well. This beanie stays on really well, and they like how comfortable it feels.

It can be worn as it is or folded up with a cuff, although I like it better uncuffed. It's also machine washable and you can tumble dry it. Easy care!

CacheAlaska has excellent products, and this is one of them! Highly recommend this to you!

You can get your own CacheAlaska Summer Slouchy Beanie HERE!

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