Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Feet Are Happy Because Of Hydrofeet.....Ahhhhhhh!

Ahhh feet! They are good to have, help us get around and do so much. Have you really looked at yours? They are pretty small compared to the rest of you, yet look at how much they hold upright and you spend about a third of your life on them. No wonder they hurt and ache so often. Tired, achy feet can really make a day rough.

So what can you do?

Well there are all kinds of solutions out there. Some work for a while. Some don't work. Some you wonder why in the world they even tried! I should know, I have tried a boat load of them! So has my husband.

But I did find something that is truly helping me now and I love it! It's called Hydrofeet. These therapeutic massaging insoles are something else! I have never had something work so well for my feet in all the years I have been trying insoles.

Hydrofeet is an insole that makes it feel like you are walking on water. Seriously, they feel amazing. As you walk the vegetable based glycerin inside the insoles adjust to the shape of your feet. It kind of moves with you. It feels like walking in really soft grass or in the sand on the beach. It feels amazing and weird at the same time. But it's good too! And my feet feel wonderful all day long!

Here's a little from Hydrofeet for you:
Wearing Hydrofeet® Feels Like Walking On Water® or going barefoot in soft plush grass, or walking on the beach. They adjust to your feet to provide better stability, less impact, and to put your feet back in a normal, healthy state. Hydrofeet® Insoles help prevent or address common foot problems such as sore, tired feet; plantar fasciitis; bunions; Morton’s neuroma; Achilles’ tendonitis; knee, hip, and back pain; heel spur; heel pain; corns and calluses; peripheral neuropathy; and poor blood circulation. 
Hydrofeet® Insoles are precisely filled with a vegetable-based, pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved glycerin. "Pharmaceutical grade" means allowable in food or cosmetics under FDA standards. This liquid glycerin is enclosed in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is known for its durability and strength. Unlike rubber, gel, or foam inserts, Hydrofeet® Insoles last longer, and were found to have 50 times the viscosity and strength of regular insoles.

You order the insoles based on your shoe size. The neat thing is that they can be adjusted. You can see in the photo that there are lines at the toe area where you can trim the insoles to fit perfectly in your shoes. You want to be careful not to cut past the last line though. if you do, the insoles are ruined. So be careful! I was fortunate and didn't have to trim mine. They suggest getting used to them by wearing them a few hours each day and increasing a little. It's a good idea because they aren't like any other kind of insole out there.

Things I love about these insoles are many, but one in particular, you can wash them. You can wash them by hand or toss them in the washing machine. You do have to air dry them though, but it helps keep them from getting funky footy smelly and it keeps them in shape too.

Another thing I really love is how they keep your feet cool. This is a big deal for me especially when wearing my sneakers. Seems like my feet sweat like crazy in them and get really hot. With these insoles my feet stay feeling good and cool too. It's part of the fun weird feeling wearing them! LOL! But I do switch these from one pair of shoes to the next and they work great in all of them, which is probably the best thing about them!

The Hydrofeet insoles are something I can't say enough good about. My feet are happy, which helps make me happy and it's all very good! I highly recommend these to you!

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