Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Copper Mugs Add A Special Touch And Flavor To Your Drinks And They Look Fabulous

I love to have things in my home that fit a particular decorating theme. You might say my home looks a little like a colonial kind of home. I love things that are old and look old, including things made from iron, pewter, and copper. That's one reason why I love copper mugs.

Copper mugs, like the one made by Gear Ultimate, are made mainly for one reason, to keep drinks cold. Copper is the perfect metal for the conduction of both cold and hot temperatures, so copper mugs are perfect to do this.  Copper is also  important for the ionization of some chemicals too in drinks and foods. Granted, most people drink alcoholic drinks from these mugs, but they can be used for a lot of things.

The mug by Gear Ultimate is a really nice one and I am enjoying it a lot. The entire mug is made from a smooth finish copper that shines like crazy. It really looks nice siting on your table and hanging from a peg waiting to be used. It's a 16 ounce mug that has a really nice handle to grip. It is riveted on to the mug and very, very secure, I've had a few of these kinds of mugs, including a couple of antique ones, and most are made from a thinner copper sheet than this mug is. I love the thickness of the copper. It makes the cup sturdy and able to do it's job for many years to come.

Each of these mugs will hold the cold and the heat of any drink you put in it. I love to see how the the moisture condenses on the outside as I drink a cold beverage from it. Now I have tried a hot beverage in it as well, but be warned, the handle can get a little too hot to hold on to if the beverage is really hot. Caution should be taken

One thing that is beautiful about copper, especially uncoated copper like this, is how neat it looks as it ages. They get such a nice patina to them as they age and I love it! They are super easy to clean when they start to tarnish though. I use a combination of lemon juice and salt and lightly rub on the copper to bring back the beautiful shine. You can also use white vinegar and salt to do the same job. I don't recommend using professional copper cleaners though, especially on something you will put food or liquids in. For daily cleaning, just wash by hand in regular gentle dish soap. Don't use any kind of harsh chemicals on them though. It could damage the copper.

Just to let you know, you can use these mugs for all kinds of things. I love placing flowers in them. I have one that holds pens and pencils, and others we use to drink from. They are great mugs and they look fabulous in your home even for just decoration!

You can purchase the Gear Ultimate Moscow Mule Pure Copper Mug HERE!

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