Monday, April 25, 2016

Great Set Of Flashlights To Have On Hand

If I were to ask you right now where you have a flashlight, would you know immediately, and if you did, would it be where you thought it was?

In our house, flashlights tend to have a life of there own. I know we have some, but to be sure they are where they are supposed to be, well I'm not. Flashlights get pulled out to help work on a certain project or to find something and amazingly they can be misplaced when we are done with them. Then when we go to find them it becomes a treasure hunt. Not a good thing, especially when the power goes off.

That's why I have started keeping a small flashlight in every single room. That way I know I can find at least one! LOL!

BYB has the perfect set of four Adjustable Focus Cree LED Flashlights that are small and have a very powerful light that you can use in an emergency, and okay, for other things too. These little things are really, really bright!

The flashlights each take 3 AAA batteries (they are not included) and have a 150 lumen LED light. The light can be adjusted by sliding the end of the flashlight up or down. The higher you raise it, the more narrow and concentrated the beam gets. They also have three modes, bright, dim, and flashing. It's easy to change the mode too. Just click the button to turn the light on and then to change the mode just lightly press the button without clicking it all the way down. It automatically comes on in bright mode, the first light click turns it to dim and the next turns it to flashing.

Even though the flashlights are a little heavy compared to their small size (they are only 4" long), they are still small enough to tuck into a purse or backpack, even a briefcase. They would also be good to keep in a glove compartment in your car or an emergency kit. And since there are four in a set, you could separate them and give individual ones as a gift.

These are great little flashlights and I know our family will get a lot of good use out of them. Oh and the bulb in each one will last up to 50000 hours! That's a long life for these!

You can purchase a set of 4 BYB Adjustable Focus Cree LED Flashlights HERE!

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