Thursday, March 10, 2016

Egoz Peanut Sleeping Bag

I have mentioned before one of the things my family does is keeps a preparedness container ready to go for emergencies and keeps a special kit in our car. It's not panic or fear, it's being prepared and ready.

One of the things we have for each family member is a sleeping bag. It's warmth, it's a make-shift shelter, and more. One company that makes sleeping bags we tried out is Egoz. The specific bag we tried is called Peanut, the Easy to carry Blue Warm Adult Sleeping Bag With Carry Bag.

The bag comes in what is called a "stuff bag". It's called that because that's what you do, stuff the sleeping bag in it to carry it around. There is a nice long cord on the small bag to carry the sleeping bag over your shoulder or to and from camp. It also has a toggle to hold the top of the bag closed and it moves easily up and down the cord.

The sleeping bag has the traditional two-way zipper that goes all the way across the bottom and completely up one side. The zipper moves smoothly and after my husband was in the bag for a while he worked it to see how easy it was to get in and out. He said it was not bad, but not as good as other bags we have tried. At the top of the sleeping bag where the zipper ends is a small strap that covers the zipper tongue with Velcro. This is a nice touch and keeps the zipper from poking into you while you sleep.

At the top of the sleeping bag is a small hood-like area that when you are inside that comes around your head some to keep you warm. Rick said he thought that was a little awkward and if you wanted to use a pillow it might be a little too difficult to put it in the bag, you would only be able to have the pillow under it or not keep the bag zipped all the way up.

The bag keeps you warm for a good amount of time. It is rated to 30°, but we did not get a chance to test that. The outside is 100% polyester and the fill is 100% cotton.

As soon as Rick got in the bag he said that it would not be comfortable for very long. He is not a large man, 5'9", and he felt like it was much too small for him to feel comfortable all night long. If he moved any, and he does when he sleeps, the bag and he would have quite an argument all night long. He said it would be good for a young teen or adolescent, but thought most adults, unless they are very small would not enjoy it unless they liked being super snugly wrapped in something.

Rolling the bag up and putting it in the carry bag was an adventure I would not want to often repeat. I equate it with trying to fit into a pair of pantyhose that are two sizes too small. It was a struggle. Although I understand why the bag needs to be a little snug to hold the sleeping bag, it seems too tight and difficult to use.

This is a good bag, but I would think twice as an adult in getting it. It would be good for your kids though. Although they say it is for adults, I would not recommend it for most adults at all.

You can learn more and purchase the Egoz peanut Sleeping bag HERE!

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