Thursday, March 10, 2016

VETRA Medium Duffle Bag For So Many THngs

I have found over the years by having only men in my house, that they can be pretty rough on suitcases, backpacks and duffle bags. They can wear them out fast, so I keep a look out for nice ones that will hold up as long as possible.

VETRA has a great medium sized Duffle Bag that I really like and I think it will fit the bill for my guys. The bag measures 23" x 11" x 12", and has three main pockets and one small Velcro pocket inside.

The two smaller of the main pockets are on either end of the bag. One has a solid closure to put all kinds of things in. The other has a small section at the top that has mesh to keep your shoes ventilated and becoming super stinky. I love this! Can't tell you how many times I have opened a bag to get a waft of shoe smell. Ick!

The large main section is huge. I was amazed at how much I could pack into this bag. It will hold a lot of equipment, clothing and more. This would be great to use as a sports bag or for a casual weekend bag. It is very roomy and would suit all three of my guys probably for more than just a long weekend. The small Velcro pocket inside the large compartment would be great to hold your wallet, keys, or other small object so they don't get lost in the shuffle inside the bag.

There is a pair of short handles that Velcro together to carry the bag. They are nice a sturdy and comfortable to hold on to. There is also a nice adjustable shoulder strap that has a shoulder cushion that is easy to keep in place. It conforms well to your shoulder and helps keep the bag there while you carry it. The strap is long enough you could even wear it as a cross-body bag to free your hands up.

The material is polyester, and I would say it could be rinsed off, but I would not put it in the washer or dryer. I like how well the bag is made too. It is solid construction and the zippers all move smoothly. The bag is available in black with white trim or navy blue with white trim.

If you are looking for a good medium sized duffle bag, this would be one to consider!

You can purchase the VETRA medium Duffle Bag HERE!

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