Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tear Stain Remover For Your Pets

If you have a dog with light colored hair, you know how bad the tear stains can get on their face. It's not good looking and it is not easy to clean. Our little Chorkie is not super light colored, but the stains show up on his hair and it can get pretty gunky too. It's been no fun to help him keep that under control

We tried out a product from Paw Choice that is really doing a good job and Scruffy does not fuss much with us using it on him. It is Tear Stain Remover for Dogs and Cats. This stuff is so nice to use and easy on us and him!

You simply shake the bottle well and squeeze some of the liquid out ( about a cap full) and put it on a clean cloth or cotton balls. We found a small, soft cloth works best for our little guy. Wipe gently away from the eye and after several days, you will see a difference in how the hair around their eyes look. The stain will be less and less.

After about a week, the stain should be gone or almost completely gone with using it once daily. After that you can use it about once a week to keep their hair from getting stained badly again. it's an easy maintenance to keep your pet looking great all the time.

We are fortunate that our little guy does not have lighter hair. Some dogs, the stains around their eyes look really bad and it is is hard to remove them. With this, it makes the job a lot easier on you and your pet and is safe for them too. It is also good for cats.

You can purchase Paw Choice's Tear Stain Remover for Dogs and Cats HERE!

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