Sunday, February 14, 2016

Keeping Your Car Clean On The Inside Just Got A Lot Easier

How many of you struggle to keep your car clean, to keep all the garbage off the floor and picked up? How about all the 'things' everyone brings with them and end up lingering in the car for who knows how long? Anyone???

I thought so. It's something we all deal with. Keeping the car picked up is a never ending job. Finding a trash can that works is also not easy. Well, I have been in those shoes for along time and have tried all kinds of things. Sometimes it even depends on what kind of vehicle you have as to what kind of trash receptacle will work.

Well VAYEEBO has a solution that so far, has worked in several vehicles at our house. Their Car Trash Can works with pretty much every kind of vehicle I can think of.

The trash can is super easy to install. You simply place the adjustable strap around the headrest of a seat and have it in the back seat or even in the front on the passenger side. You can tighten it up to hang the way you want. The material is waterproof, so even messy things don't leak through. There is a small pouch in the front that holds the refill trash bags that come with the trash can, or of course, whatever you want to stash in there. Would be great for maps (some of us still use them) or a book. it also has two mesh pockets on each side that will hold fairly good sized drink bottles or cans. They have adjustable straps at the top to hold whatever you put in the snugly.

The large compartment really is very good sized. It won't fill up in 2 miles down the road. The trash bags fit it perfectly and stay in place well. When they are full, it is easy to just take them out and throw those away and not have to wash out the trash can every time you empty it. Love that! The top has Velcro, so you can close it up if you want. The inside of this compartment is lined with a waterproof material that will keep it nice and clean and from leaking out onto the floor of your vehicle. When the whole things gets dirty, just take it out and hose it off or wash in the tub. Let it dry, and it is ready to go again.

Oh and the trash bags that come with it, and fit so well, are the same size as all those great bags we get when we go shopping, so if your house is like mine, you have a ready supply and free supply of trash bag refills!

Here are the facts from the company:
-Superior leakproof/waterproof interior litter bag liner protects your vehicle from potential messy disasters.
-Customized design fits on the seat of Most Vehicles. Measuring 11.8" Height x 7"Width x 11.8" Depth .
-Adjust to fit your vehicle & needs (front/backseat)
-Loading and unloading easily, will not dump even in the bumpy road
-Protects your carpets & upholstery (leak-proof lining)
-Two side mesh pockets are perfect for storing a water bottle or drink cup or to hold things like napkins, tissues, wet wipes, plastic bags, sunscreen spray, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, pens and pencils, chargers, keys and badges or whatever you want to keep your essential items at hand.
-Collapsible for easy storage
-The Car Garbage Bin features a waterproof nylon liner and a Velcro lid so you can keep all your trash together, without leaving a dirty mess on the floorboards, your glove box, or your door edges.
-You don't need to clean your car carpets after every ride.

This seriously is THE BEST trash can we have ever had in any of our vehicles over the years. It works great and is versatile! Plus the company offers a no questions asked replacement guarantee!

You can purchase your own VAYEEBO Car Trash Can HERE!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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