Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cold Ears This Winter? This Will Help!

Where we live in Indiana it gets cold, really cold. But worse than the cold is the wind. The small town we live in has 9 lakes and we are only a few short miles from Lake Michigan. You can imagine the wind that comes off the lakes added to the cold temperature, and it makes winter a tough time to go through.

That's why wearing a hat here is really important, so I was happy to try out the Beanie Knit Cap from CacheAlaska. This is a great hat and I may be using it all the time!

The hat is made of wool and it is a fine weave wool. This keeps the hat from being bulky and heavy. It stretches a lot, so it fits comfortably on your head and stays nice and snug and in place. I was surprised at how well it kept my head warm with the weave of the wool being so thin. I love that it is snuggly warm.

Another thing that is amazing about this hat is the fleece lining. It keeps my ears extra warm and I love how soft it feels against my skin. This is perfect for people who are sensitive to wool. The fleece keeps the wool off your skin, but you still get the wonderful warmth of the wool to protect you from the cold.

I also like the the hat can be folded or rolled small enough to stuff in a pocket. I always know where the hat is now. I don't have to go searching for it in the pile of other hats we have!

They offer the hat in many colors suitable for men and women, and the hat will work for kids as well. Instead of being a little snug on them, theirs will be a little bit of a slouchy hat and very fashionable yet warm!

A great hat that is machine washable (dry it flat though) and at a great price! Love it!

You can purchase a Beanie Knit Cap from CacheAlaska HERE!

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