Monday, January 18, 2016

A Small Handmade Book To Inspire Creativity

I love paper in all its forms and styles. To me it is a wonderful tactile thing and I can't get enough. But one kind of thing I like even more is good paper all put in one nice book, a book that is hand made and full of empty pages I can play with!

SamutNote has a lovely hardcover handmade book that I am just loving! Since I got it, I have been having fun using it for something very special to me, Bible verse journaling.

The book I have is about 4" x 6", which is a fantastic size to carry with you in a pocket or bag. It is filled with 160 unlined pages all bound beautifully in this little book. You can get the book in other sizes too, small (4"x 6" with 60 pages), large (5" x 8" with 80 pages), or extra large (5" x 8"  with 160 pages).

The paper is a light cream in color, which is something I like a lot. It's not as stark as white paper and will not reflect sunlight as much when you use it outside. In fact they made it that way on purpose. It is a top quality paper that is acid free and lots of inks do not bleed through the pages. I love this since I tend to draw a lot in notebooks with markers and colored pencils. I don't want what is on one page to interfere with what is on the next!

The whole book is very well bound and I love how it feels in my hand. It has a lay flat binding, which makes it very easy to journal or draw in. And I love the options you have for the cover. You can get it blank or with a neat variety of things to choose from. At the writing of this there are 23 cover choices, something for everyone.

I think one of these little handmade books would be a fantastic and inspiring gift for so many people and highly recommend it to you!

Here area few of the pages I have done in mine.

You can purchase one of the little SamutNote Handmade Hardcover Books HERE!

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