Monday, January 18, 2016

Great For Keeping Things, and Not Just Kids Stuff, Organized!

I am a bit of an organizaholic. My husband says it's a thing with me, but I really do like things in their place and where I can find them. For years we traveled back and forth to both of our parents houses with our young kids (400-500 miles one way, depending on which set of parents we went to see), and it was sometimes chaotic trying to keep track of their toys, drinks, maps, all kinds of things.

That's why I love the Fancy Mobility Backseat Car Organizer. Let me tell you, this is pretty nifty! It can hold a LOT of stuff and help you keep your vehicle neat and tidy, well at least most of the time.

The organizer is good sized, but not so big that it won't fit on the back of most seats. For obvious reasons, it does fit best on the back of van and SUV seats, but it also works fine in a sedan or truck. It measures about 22" long and 12" wide, not counting the straps.

The top of the organizer has a nice strap that you can adjust to fit over the headrest of the seat. You can allow it to hang down as low as you would like, or keep it more pulled up to the top. We think it is best pulled up tight for our sedan. There is also an adjustable strap at the bottom to put around the seat to hold it in place. Once you have both straps in place, it is easy to get them adjusted to fit snugly and the organizer stays put very well. Oh and the buckle on the bottom strap hooks on the side of the organizer making sure that the buckle does not poke someone in the back while they sit in the seat.

I love all the pockets. There is one large on at the top that has Velcro closures to it. You can put things in there that you don't need to get to as often or that you want little hands to stay out of. To the side of this pocket there is a small strap with a snap on it. This is great for hooking something to, like a pacifier so it stays clean and available quickly. I can see that it would work to hold a lot of other things too.

The middle section has two good sized pockets, about the size to hold a baby wipe box or those soft side tissue containers. On the front of each of these pockets there are 4 mesh pockets on each one, to hold wet things or smaller things you want to be able to see quickly to find. I have been surprised at how much these two pockets can hold.

The bottom of the organizer has one good sized pouch that does not expand out a lot. I think this is smart placement, it does not stick out far for feet to bump in to. On the front of this pouch are 2 small mesh pockets and one larger mesh pocket. These are great for small toys or sunglasses. On either end of this pouch there are 2 mesh drink holder pockets. They are big enough for a bottle or a soda can and located in a very handy spot.

Although this is intended to help organize things with your kids in the vehicle, I can see this being used by a lot of adults too. As someone who was on the road a lot with one of my first big jobs, I could have used something like this to help me organize papers, maps, materials I needed for meetings, and more. It would have been great to have. So even if you don't have children, this could come in handy to keep your sedan, SUV, van, or truck, neatly organized!

This organizer comes with a little bonus too. You get a visor organizer too. It has two long pockets, one mesh, pen slots and a smaller mesh pocket. It can keep things handy and right in reach while you are driving!

Both the organizer and visor organizer are made from material that will wipe clean with a damp cloth and are made well. They'll hold up for years!

You can purchase a Fancy Mobility Backseat Car Organizer HERE!

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