Sunday, December 6, 2015

Beautiful Strand Of Lights For So Many Decoration Options

We love decorating our home for holidays and special occasions. There is something about having those extra little touches that make the event so much nicer. One thing we love to include in those decorations are lights. They can set the mood faster than almost every other decoration you put up.

Kohree has this fabulous set of lights that we are planning to use a lot now! The G40 Globe String Lights with 27 Clear Bulbs is perfect for decorating for all kinds of events you may host from indoor to outdoor, or they can be hung up for an extended period of time. The strand holds 25 lights that are about the size of a ping pong ball and spaces about one foot apart from each other. The company sends you 2 replacement bulbs with your initial order. I really like that a lot.

The strand of lights is about 25 ft long. Being so long, you have a lot of options in using them. You can use them clumped, wrapped around something, or all stretched out along the edge of you porch or patio outside. There are end to end connections and you can combine up to three strands on each line for a really fabulous look! The plug stays put in the outlet too.

Each of the bulbs is 5 watts and are glass. Kohree recommends putting the strand of lights up with the bulbs out. I would say that is super wise since the bulbs are bigger than most any of us deal with on a light strand normally. You sure don't want to break the bulbs while hanging them up! Each socket for the bulbs has a nifty clip on the side so you can use it to hook over a tree branch, on a curtain rod, or any number of places. This makes putting the lights up really easy.

When the bulbs are lit, they give off a warm glow and really brighten up an area. The bulbs are clear and there is no cloudiness to the light while on. The light from the bulbs is bright, but not in a garish or annoying way. We really like them a lot and think they would be a great addition to anyone's home.

You can purchase your own set of Kohree G40 Globe String Lights HERE!

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