Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Fun Way To Cook Your Food

How many times have you wanted to make eggs that will fit perfectly inside an English muffin or biscuit? Or how about perfect round pancakes, or better shaped burgers? Come on, admit it, we all want to make our food a little more enjoyable for our families.

Sunsella has a super fun way to do that with their Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings! Let me tell you, these things are a lot of fun!

Since the rings are made of food grade silicone, they are easy to use at high temperatures. They can withstand temps from -40° to 446°, so they can handle your frying pans! They are 4" in diameter and come in a set of four. The rings are a half inch to three quarters of an inch high, so they will hold even an extra large egg in them.

All kinds of foods can be cooked in these rings. You can cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, burgers, or a combination of them! As you start to use them it's amazing the ideas you get on the foods you can cook in them.

It is really easy to use them to cook with. There are several ways to help you make sure the food does not seep out under the bottom. First is make sure you pan is hot before you add the rings and food. If it is hot enough, the food will immediately start cooking and not have time to seep out under. Another way you can do that is to dip the rings in the egg or batter mixture before placing them in the pan (that is hot). That little bit of food cooks when it hits and the you can add the rest without it seeping out. The more you work with them, the easier it gets, so don't give up after one or two tries!

I love the little handle that is on the rings. It helps you to pick it up from the pan and to maneuver it to where you want it as you cook. This is especially good for burgers. You can use the handle to help you flip them, and since it will move a whole 360°, you can flip the handle completely around. It also helps with storing them too. Also, if you need to put a lid on the pan as you cook with the rings, the handle can be slid down and out of the way while the lid is on.

Oh and they come with little styrofoam inserts in the package. I put those back in the rings when I store them. it helps them keep their shape and they don't get all mushed around in the cupboard or drawer.

We have enjoyed the rings a lot and plan on using them often. They would make a great gift or addition to your kitchen!

You can purchase your own Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings HERE!

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