Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Convenient, Easy To Use, At A Fantastic Price

Life can get crazy! In fact this whole week for me (and next) is so crazy busy, I'm not sure I will be able to get everything done. So having one or two things simplified in my life is a wonderful thing.

One thing I have available to me right now that is a little less stressful is packed meals and snacks thanks to my Sunsella Buddy Boxes! These are some very nice bento boxes and the whole family is using them.

The clear boxes arrive all nice and stacked together as a set of four with four different colored lids, green, blue, orange, and red. I love the fact that they stack together. It makes storing them a lot easier and more convenient. Like all bento boxes, they have three compartments in three sizes, 3 ½ cups, 1 1/3 cups, and 1 cup. Each one is about 2 inches deep, which is great. They hold quite a bit of food, enough to fill you up at lunch or enough to share as a snack.

What I really love about these bento boxes is that they are freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe! That means I can prepare things days in advance, place them in the freezer, pull them out later and take them to work or on a trip , and then I can heat them up for lunch. It just makes life a lot easier when you can have things planned ahead and convenient like that!

These bento boxes are just the right size to fit in almost every kind of lunch box or bag. And since they stack well on top of each other, they can be put in a cooler that way and will stay put. Also a very good thing is that the lid seals in a way to keep the contents of each compartment away from the contents of the other compartments This is one of the best things about these! We had one set that did not seal completely over each compartment and things could get kind of icky if they got tipped!

One other point, bento boxes do not have to be used just for food. They are great to help organize things for your kids small toys, crafts, sewing, in your office, and more! They really are handy to have for so many things!

This is a fantastic set and a very good price! I know our family likes them and I am pretty sure yours will too!

You can buy your own Sunsella Buddy Boxes HERE!

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