Saturday, November 28, 2015

Love Using These Dehydrator Sheets For More Than Just Dehydrt

I have always love preserving my own food, and every chance I get to do so I take. I feel good about knowing exactly what is in our food and where it came from. One of my favorite ways to store food long term is to dehydrate it. I do this especially with all the herbs I grow. Dehydrating them assures that I will have good chemical free herbs to use all winter long and into spring before the new plants are big enough to harvest.

One thing that really helps in dehydrating foods is to have good dehydrator sheets. The quality of the sheets is important and you want ones that will make the whole process go as quickly as possible and as safely as possible. That's where Simple Royal comes in. They make some fantastic dehydrator sheets that work wonderfully!

The box comes with 9 sheets that are 14" x 14" and fit all 5 and 9 drawer Excalibur Dehydrator models. They can be cut to fit many other brands too as well as racks to be used in your oven. And that is another really cool thing about the sheets, they can be used to bake or dehydrate in your oven! Love that! Dehydrating in my oven is one thing I have done for a long time. 2 of the sheets work well on an oven rack to dehydrate things.

The sheets are a high-quality Teflon that is paper thin, flexible, reusable, resizable, and washable. I really like that I can cut them to size for the pans I use to dehydrate foods. They are heavier than parchment paper, thinner than silicone mats, and can be used over and over. You won't throw these out for a long time! They are fabulous. I even like them on my counter as I am working on doughs for baking bread and rolls! They protect the counter and make it easy to transfer things to a baking sheet.

If you have a dehydrator or love to bake, these are the best things for both jobs! They cost less than one silicone mat and are better than using parchment paper.

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