Friday, August 28, 2015

Super Large Silicone Molds That Can Be Used In Lots Of Ways

I have featured several silicone products here on the blog. I love using silicone, the ease, the multi- function of the pieces, and the value.

Recently I got the chance to try out another kind of silicone Ice Cube Mold from Practico Kitchen. This thing is really big!

The ice cube mold has four compartments. Each one makes a cube that is 2.25" by 2.25". Those are some really big ice cubes! When you toss the ice in a cup it takes quite a while for one of those cubes to melt. The cubes are so big that we don't have very many glasses that they fit in, but we like the cubes!

The silicone is BPA-free and FDA approved, so they are safe to use for all kinds of things. You can use them for ice cubes, or you can freeze other things in them. It would be great for portions of homemade baby food or toddler food. Freeze the food in the mold and then pop them out into a freezer bag and label. What a great way to save money!

You can also use the molds for mixing up Jello Wigglers. The silicone releases the Jello easily and it makes a fun treat. I even thought about freezing small portions of sherbet or special flavored things to then put in a punch bowl. They would look neat floating and then help flavor the punch too.

The cubes are not as easy to get out of the mold, unlike smaller molds. I found letting the mold sit on the counter for a minute helps release things better. They are dishwasher safe or can be hand washed.

These are nice molds that can be used in a lot of different ways.

You can purchase your own Practico Kithcen large ice Cube Molds HERE!

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