Friday, August 28, 2015

I Shocked My Friend With Wool Dryer Balls

Since I have mentioned in the past how much I like wool dryer balls, when I got some from i-Gruv to try out, I asked a friend to let me know what she thought about them. Here's what she had to say.

I was given a set of six wool dryer balls to try out when I did my laundry. When I first got them, I thought there was no way these balls would help dry my clothes any faster than just using the dryer. But I followed the directions on the bag and tossed six of them in my large load to dry and set the timer for about half the time. 
When the dryer was done I expected to have to reset the timer and finish drying the clothes. Well I reached in the dryer and was shocked! Everything was dry! I was amazed. I had no idea that tossing six wool balls in the dryer would make that much of a difference. But it really did. I have teased Lois several times about some of her organic things, but this is one I will not be teasing her about anymore. They really work. 
I even did as she suggested and used no fabric softener and no dryer sheet. The clothes were still soft and they had no static. I think she is going to make a convert of me with all this organic and natural stuff yet. I am completely sold on these dryer balls. They are made from organic New Zealand wool, are perfect for people with chemical allergies since you don't add fabric softener or dryer sheets, are supposed to last a full year or about 1500 loads (which would be about a year and a half for me and my husband), and you save money on electricity and not purchasing extra products. All around, it's a win for me! I'm sold! ~ H.R.

So, you can see how my friend felt. I knew she would like the dryer balls and I knew they would work fine for her. I'm sold on them as much as she is!

You can purchase your own i-Gruv Organic Smart Dryer Balls HERE!

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  1. What a neat product! I was not aware that this was a solution to a common laundry issue- thanks for the information!

    1. Wool dryer balls are awesome! We have been using them for year and they have saved us a lot of money!