Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Nice Addition To My Gardening Supplies

I have been gardening most of my life and one thing I appreciate is good tools to help make the job easier.This Garden Hand Rake from LifeWell Garden Products is very nice.

I really like the weight of the rake. It is not heavy or difficult to maneuver even after gardening for a while in one day. The weight does not tire my arm out. Being made from aluminum helps keep the weight down considerably. The size of the rake is nice too. It is longer than most and can reach in and under plants very nicely.

I like the grip of the handle. The rubberized material gives your hand a comfortable feel while holding it and works well with or without gloves. It helps keep your hand from slipping off the handle even when they are sweaty and dirty. The bright color of the rake does make it easy to spot when you set it down. Can't tell you the number of times I have set down a tool and could not find it because it got lost in all the foliage.

I do wish it came with a piece of leather to hang it with. The hole on the handle is nice, but it is so much quicker to have leather to hang it with and you can hang multiple tools on one hook that way. Yes, I can add a piece of my own, but I would like it there already.

I think the only serious complaint about the rake is that the tines do not have a sharp enough point to them. It is quite dull and flat and could be cut to more of a sharp edge to make cutting into the soil or a plant much easier and quicker. But even with the duller edge, it still works well getting into the soil.

 One really nice bonus from the company is the lifetime guarantee. I like that a lot!!

You can purchase your own LifeWell Garden Hand Rake HERE!

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