Sunday, August 23, 2015

Create A Special Atmosphere With Simple Lighting

There is something about having a lovely ambiance when hosting friends for a dinner or party. It's especially nice for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. One of the nicest ways to help set a welcoming scene for guests is through lighting. I love the look of small lights strung about the room and on the tables.

One company that helps you achieve beautiful settings with lights is RTGS Products. They have some of the nicest LED light strings I have tried. The strands of lights come with 100 LED tiny lights on them ( slightly larger than a grain of rice) that are amazingly bright for how small they are. The lights are on a manipulative wire, spaced about 4" apart from each other. The wire is a very light silver color that hides well when mixed in with other decorations, allowing the lights to shine through. I love how well you can arrange the wire to exactly where you want it. It bends and shapes very easily.

The strand is 40 feet long and 30 feet if that has the lights on it. That means you have a spare 10 feet to help you put the lights where you want them and still be able to reach an outlet. This really makes the light very versatile. It has a very small transformer on the end that you can plug directly into the wall socket or an extension cord. The strand uses very little electricity to run, which makes them very affordable to use.

Here's the really neat thing......the lights are submersible! You can actually put them under water (not the transformer though) to create an amazing light display with water! That is so cool!

The lights are available in cold white and warm white. Both are sold in a 100 ct. light strand. They also have colored lights in both warm and cold white, pink, blue, red, and green, in varying lengths. These are lovely lights that really do set the mood for any party or for just decorating your home.

You can purchase any of their lights on their website HERE!
You can also purchase them HERE as well!

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